When Questioning Yourself Begins to Destroy Your Biz + Dreams

I had the opportunity to attend my friends', Kate Northrup and Mike Watts' "Make a Life, Not Just a Living" event, last Friday afternoon and as I scribbled notes down all day long, there was one phrase that leapt from the page that I just knew I had to save for me and you.

The words read, "Instead of spending all of my time questioning myself and my products and services, what would happen if I decided to spend that same time ROCKING OUT what I've already created?

What if I chose to celebrate and honor what I have already put my heart and soul in to?

I'll wait a second to let you soak that in...

So simple, right?

Yet, I can think of infinite moments when I have felt guided to make a new decision regarding my business; perhaps, it was a new offering or concept, and the subsequent mind chatter of why I shouldn't do that or, worse yet, why I am not qualified to even make this decision overrode my deeper knowing.

And I find these situations pop up over and over again. 

Daily mini-battles with myself and my dreams.

And when you stop for a moment to contemplate the sheer volume of TIME spent on these mini-battles, opportunities missed, the overall energy wasted....the results are startling!

During the event, Mike said, "We must prove our new reality to ourselves through behavior." 

He's right.

We must take inspired action in order to move through our fear to create the clarity we desire and require in order to grow our businesses.

So I am keeping this blog post short and fire-powered for you.

I want you to take a moment to write out the question again and then right next to it, the answer...

Be honest. Push yourself and feel the weight lift as you realize that progress beats perfection every day of the week. 

Ask yourself...

What if, instead of spending all of this time questioning myself, my products/services, I decided to spend that time ROCKING OUT what I've already created? 

I'd love to hear your answers here in the comments.