Where is Your Soul's GPS Taking You?

I'm sitting here amidst a sea of boxes.

Our belongings are disappearing by the day as we tuck them away and prepare for our temporary move this weekend. We will be staying with family until we get the clear to close on our dream home later in the month.

The home buying and selling process has been predictably stressful and while I knew what I was getting myself in to, the emotions of it all have pushed me in to emotional valleys I don't want to revisit anytime soon. 

Just like every big, important decision of my life, it has required a reluctant surrender...an allowing and leaning in...A willingness to ride the waves, instead of battle them.

This surrender thing, never comes easy for me.

My first instinct is always to swim harder..battle...control more...release less.

And then it dawned on me today, as I was driving a new route on my way to visit with a friend.

The GPS got me turned around in a new area I had never been before. 

The voice directions were coming slowly, just mere seconds before the next necessary turn. 

I felt compelled to grab my phone and search for an alternate route (while driving), but remembered the new law and my promise to me and you.

I settled in to staying attentive as each new instruction came over the speaker from my digital co-pilot. 

We paused at a red light and it clicked...

When I told the Universe, 6 years ago, that I desperately wanted to live in our dream home one day...

When I told the Universe that I wanted to own my own business, help women believe in themselves...become a mama...meet my soulmate...get my Master's degree and so on...

I was proverbially programming it in....the whole time.

I was setting the trajectory for my big, beautiful, brilliant life by simply believing that my dreams were possible in the first place. 

My soul's GPS has been guiding me along the pathway to my dreams my whole life.

And it has been doing the same for you, too.

What would it feel like if we realized that asking for it, feeling the feelings of having it already and truly soaking up the goodness that exists all around us were the most important and necessary parts of the process?

Would that change the way we felt about manifesting our desires? Would that change the way we look at our past, present and future?

Set that intention, sweetheart.

Program your soul's GPS and let the magic of your life unfold...


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