The Tiny Shift That Helped My Business Take Off

My daughter and I have been spending most afternoons in the water since we moved to the lake a little over a week ago.

It has become our daily ritual, post-nap and mama work time, to throw on our suits, grab the dog and hit the water.

It have thoroughly enjoyed watching her confidence grow as she wades in and splahes around without me having to hover over her.

Yesterday, for the first time, she climbed up on her slide all by herself.

She counted down, "One...twooooo...freeeee!" and her tiny body rocketed in to the water, fully submerging in the shin deep shore. I grabbed her hand and pulled her quickly to her feet. She coughed and rubbed her eyes and steadied herself.

I asked her if she was ok and with one last rub of her eyes, she shot me a sly smile and sprinted back around the slide for another thrill.

This time, I asked her if she wanted some help and she nodded as she began her countdown.

She flew down the slide landing on her feet, gripping my hands as she made her descent, squealed and sprinted back to the stairs to do it again.

We did this about 20 times before she moved on to her "boat" (aka the boogie board) and it got me thinking about my journey as an entrepreneur.

I floundered, for years, before I figured out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I spent so much time, silently dreaming, worrying and telling myself I couldn't do it, completely lost in my own head. 

It wasn't until I made the leap and allowed myself to ASK for help that I began to garner my long-awaited clarity, the momentum to build a solid foundation and have FUN pursuing my life-long dream of being an entrepreneur.

Can you relate? 

This is a pattern I've witnessed over and over again in my clients and friends and I knew I had to do something about it. I had to create something on behalf of my former self and the women I love and adore to support them in a more holistic way on their journeys. 

The Brand Love Bestie Tribe is my answer to that call. 

It is your helping hand, your daily source of inspiration and support...real, live 1:1 coaching and a community of incredible women entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, artists, soul sisters, who are learning, growing and shifting together.

It is a sacred space and it is my passion to cultivate a sustainable and consistent model of brand, business and life coaching for my community. 

There are good and bad days along the journey and having a space to go to to lean and lift up is the most powerful model I could possibly imagine.

  • Monthly live coaching calls
  • Monthly trainings created specifically for the community
  • An active and thriving Facebook group to connect, inspire and shift with
  • Guest teachers to help you with actionable steps to grow your business and heal your soul
  • Your very own accountability buddy to mastermind and partner up with
  • All paired with a coach who knows your heart and is ready to help you DAILY in doing the work achieve YOUR big vision. 

I invite you, with open arms, to say YES to your dream in this beautiful accept the love and support available to you here on an on-going and affordable basis.  

Now through the end of September, you will receive 5 months of membership for the price of 3 for only $291.

That's less than $60 per month of intensive support and coaching.

Join us here and get started today.

I can't wait to welcome YOU to the Tribe!



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