How to create community on your entrepreneurial journey


I have been knee-deep in collaborations lately with my peeps - both to grow my own brand and biz and to help my clients crush it with theirs. (2016 is already ELECTRIC - stay tuned!)

My community of soul-sister entrepreneurs has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me these in these last few years!

Having a group of women that I can lean on when I need help with things, that I can reach out to with anything from legal, accounting and techie support, to just “I’m crying and I need love!” a shoulder to lean on has been phenomenal.

These are the gals whom I can shoot a text out to or hop on a Zoom chat with to talk something over.

And what all of this has taught me is that...

Community the most POWERFUL thing you create as an entrepreneur.

And it’s a lot easier than it looks...

In this week’s Live Your Freedom Episode I talk about LOTS of ways to Create Community on Your Entrepreneurial Journey.

(and make sure to watch til the end for a dose of my #mamapreneur hijinks - this is one of my favorite parts of LYF TV...getting to be the real, goofy, passionate soul on a mission that I am live and in color!)

Watch the episode to see how life and business are WAY better with friends!

You’ll also get to check out my new awesome vlogging camera (yay for new toys!)


Remember, you don’t have to do this thing alone. Case in point? 

I have the whole Brand Love Studio TEAM helping me with my rebranding project.  

You truly can NEVER understand and witness the awesome power of community until you see where it takes you!

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I craved a tribe so badly and realized that it wasn’t something that was readily available out there for newbies like me, So….I went ahead and CREATED one…The Brand Love Bestie Tribe.

The Brand Love Bestie Tribe is this awesome SOUL-SISTER Space where our goal is, above all else, to GROW together.

Because TOGETHER we overcome our fears, overcome our challenges and keep pushing forward  and to create bigger products and services for our clients without losing sight of what’s most important to us, which is...

  • Being able to be present in our lives.
  • Being able to be with our families.
  • Being ableto make money in a way that feels good in our hearts first and foremost.

It’s a beautiful space and community.

Because the truth is…WE NEED EACH OTHER.

Check it out.

We will welcome you in with open arms.

Because life really IS better with friends (who are also passionate souls on a mission).


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