Soul sisters unite at!

I am still GLOWING from our incredible, love-filled event this past Saturday!

22 amazing women came together…

They drove here after a snowstorm dumped 8” on New England from places like western Massachusetts and central Maine

They took time away from their families and responsibilities to say YES to themselves.

They MADE their dreams a priority.

They took the LEAP and showed up.

And being TOGETHER with this amazing group was magical.

A handful of the gals even arranged a pre-bloom dinner and when I saw this photo on my phone, I got teary looking at all of their smiles...knowing their stories...seeing their hearts...believing in their missions.

Just look at them!!!

These women came together to be inspired, uplifted and connected.

They came to BLOOM.

And BLOOM we did.

The nearly 3-hour event included:

  • Complimentary headshots with Lauren Bodwell Photography.
  • Makeup touchups and styling tips from Carrie Montgomery and Rachel Camfield.
  • Off-the-charts food that could second as ART that’s not even on the menu from Laney & Lu Cafe.
  • A hand-lettered journal customized by Rach with their names.
  • Their own divinely inspired quote.

It was an incredible night. Everything we wished for it to be was accomplished and more.

And I couldn’t say it better than this post by mamapreneur Deb McGranaghan:

Saturday night, I was able to meet in person an amazing tribe of women that I've been in a coaching group with since last summer. This group has been a game-changer for me! The Brand Love Bestie Tribe has taught me 2 things:
1. I am enough as I am, flaws and all,
2. I don't have to do this business-thing alone.
I was so lost in my business before this group. I felt alone and uncertain most of the time. If you've been looking for a group of brilliant heart-centered solopreneurs to mastermind with or need some help clarifying your brand message or just to have other mamapreneurs to talk to that understand the challenges you face (not everyone in the group is a mom but all are supportive and understanding of the moms), you need to check out this group!
You don't have to do this alone anymore.

These women are CONNECTING and BLOOMING with their soul-based brands and messages so they can live their version of freedom.

They’re changing the course of history for their families and they’re breaking the cycle of fear, self-doubt and scarcity in the process...

Because they know that…

THIS is how we create change.

THIS is how we step into the lives that we wholly desire.

THIS is how we honor the pull of our connecting with women in our current circle and meeting new ones.

If you weren’t able to attend the live event but are craving a SOUL SISTER experience with heart-centered, like-spirited women in an online community EVERYDAY, The Brand Love Bestie Tribe is here for you!

It’s not your average Facebook group and it’s so much more than an online business coaching forum.

The power of our community is utterly indescribable and we can’t wait to welcome you in.

We need each other.

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