A Love Letter to Resistance (Academy Doors Closing Tonight)


Dear Sweet Resistance, 

We've had a pretty hot and heavy thing going these last few years. 

Telling the world what I really want and taking the baby steps and big leaps to make it happen hasn't been a walk in the park. 

But one unexpected and jaw-dropping realization I've made recently is that the you've also provided a massively helpful and glaringly obvious shortcut...

You are the spotlight to illuminate exactly which path I should be choosing.

Right now and every single day for the rest of my life.

The moment I feel that flutter in my belly, it's a sign to press onward. 

The moment I want to aimlessly scroll through Facebook instead of write, I know there's only one thing I really need to be doing.

You are the do not pass go, do not collect $200 to my eternal and daily question of, "What next?"

Resistance, you've gotten a bad wrap out there.

Because the reality is, you're my golden ticket.

And while you've been steadily there trying to convince me not to lace up my running sneakers, not to get on the plane and not to walk away from my corporate career or that wrong relationship...you've also been the red alert reminding me to press on. 

The tricky thing about Resistance is that it's relentless. 

It whispers in our ear and tells us our dreams can wait.

It's there every moment of the day. 

It never stops.

And it never will.

But with a subtle flip of the switch, a shift in my perspective, I've trained myself to let Resistance serve as the golden brick road to my dreams. 

What are you resisting?

What is your Resistance really trying to tell you? 

Are you listening?

I've been receiving messages from many of you who are sitting on the fence. 

You've got a big dream.

You know what you want.

That bulletproof, unshakeable, steadfast TRUTH that lives deep inside of you is screaming to be heard.

Let us hear it. 

The doors close for The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy at 10:00 pm EST tonight. 

You've got big things to do here.

Resistance is lighting the way...

Let's do this.

Click here to enroll now, your life and business will never look the same.



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