The single-most important branding strategy you will ever need

When I first started my business, I was hyper-focused on what everyone else was doing in my industry.

I was subscribed to a zillion and one lists. 

I was a devout Facebook group participant and would read just about every thread that came across my newsfeed and I would voraciously read each and every email newsletter my favorite mentors were sending out. 

But when it came time to make changes to my own brand, I found myself feeling like a second-rate version of the women who were already killing it in the space. 

I was so hooked on following their strategies and formulas for success that I left myself out of the equation completely.

After a handful of underwhelming launches, WAY too many sleepless nights and tear-filled conversations with my husband and soul sisters, I finally recognized what I had been missing all along.

It was my greatest strength and the game changer that has transformed my income and the way I serve my tribe completely.

The crazy part was that it was hiding right out in the open the entire time and and had been for the last 4-5 years.

And if I were a betting woman, I would guess that you're missing it too. 

Maybe you've been on a recent "subscribing bender" or perhaps you're just detoxing all things social media because the noise is too much to handle...

Or maybe you've resigned yourself to the fact that "this is how things go" and the success you've been dreaming about is meant for what seems like everyone else but you, just like back in those good ol' high school days.

What if I told you it was time to step in to the role of Homecoming Queen for your very own brand? 

What if I promised you that this quick little tip I'm about to dazzle you with is the the magic bean your empire has been waiting for? 

Are you ready for this?

Here goes: 

The single most important strategy in creating a brand and business that consistently knocks it out of the park and legitimately transforms the lives of the people you serve is simply to be who you really are...

The person you've been trying to change all along.

The one that trusts your intuition and knows that following your passion is the surest way to live a life of fulfillment.

That quiet nudge that's telling you to ditch the design gig or to walk away from the 9-5 knows the deal and it's time to listen. 

In his new documentary (I hope you've had a chance to watch), Tony Robbins said, "My caring is my power, my love is my power...My power is that I can pierce anything because I am the real thing." 

His words gave me chill bumps because those words could have come out of my mouth, too.

My caring is my power. 

My passion is my power. 

My drive to help others discover and embrace who they really are is my power.

My ability to see in to your soul is my power.

My love is my power.

And it's yours too.

And this world needs it.

Your family and your friends need it. 

The more we try to run away from who we really are to don the mask of who we think we're supposed to be, the further we get from the truth and the further we get from our own sacred healing.

The world needs you to live out your truth.

The more you try to run from it, the worse it's going to feel...and I can promise you that every strategy, formula and contrived equation you try to shortcut your way to success will blow up in your face like your 9th grade chemistry experiment.

You are your brand. 

Live it.

Love it.

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