The more we can see you, the more we can love you


"The more we can see you, the more we can love you. Let us love you." 

These are the sacred words I sent to a client last week as she embarks upon a journey of true self-discovery.

She's putting herself out there in new and bold ways and to watch her dare in this most courageous way has given me wings.

But the reality is, these words are not just for my client, they are for all of us. 

After working with hundreds of incredible souls around the globe, I've witnessed the undeniable fact that our natural, innate tendency is to edit, diminish and make ourselves smaller.

We've been programmed to stay inside the lines, follow the formula and to label anything bold and different that our soul points us to as "eccentric", "weird" or "too much."

We have SUCH a hard time accepting the desires inside ourselves that do not fit in to our vision of the bigger "plan" for our lives.

But the trouble is, every time I try to ride my wild spirit back in to the ring, I feel it buck with resistance.

It stops and stands...unmoved by my commands to comply...silently defying the fear dancing in my belly.

It wants to take off the reigns and run unbridled in to the sunset. 

Because I'm ready to feel the wind in my hair, the warm sunshine on my face as I ride toward my truth.

I must do the complete opposite of what I've been programmed to do.

I must break free from the structure, the fear tactics and the words of scaricity that have been trying to put me in a stall that doesn't belong to me.

Because all of it is a lie.

There is and always will be more than enough for each of us.

And the key to unlocking that for me is the gift of my own trust. 

I'm ready now, with shaking hands and my eyes fixed on the horizon.

I'm ready to be all of me inside and outside the lines. 

To sing the song of my soul.

Beautiful, bold, powerful, passionate and free. 

I am ready to be unapologetically me.

Will you join me?

Now, more than ever, is the time.

How can we show more of ourselves to the world?

How can we push through our fear to connect more deeply and wholly with others?

How can we create places and spaces that encourage growth, expansion and love? 

The more I can see you, the more I can love you.

Let us love you.



P.S. The ultimate branding strategy is to be your whole self. 

Are you ready to tell the whole story
inside your brand + biz? 

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