My birthday wish and a gift for me + you

When Ben asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I was at a total loss for words.

How could I need anything more when I have the WHOLE world right here? 

So I got to thinking about how I could use my birthday for the greater good and how we could celebrate this thing called LIFE together...

I sat down with my journal and started scribbling and what came out felt like a waterfall of what's next.

My truth glared up at me, splayed out on the pages of my journal...

Daring me to pretend it didn't matter.

Challenging me to recognize the significance of this next chapter of my life...this sacred moment in time.

So here it is...for you and for me...and for every birthday forevermore. 

Every single heart racing, sweaty palmed moment of my life has required a significant dose of courage. 

Courage is one of my most favorite words in the human language. 

According to Brené Brown,

the root of the word courage is cor—the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage had a very different definition than it does today. Courage originally meant 'To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.'...Ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line. 

In the landscape of my life, courage has looked like...

Standing in a court room full of stranger adults at the tender age of 5, telling my story so the man who sexually abused me couldn't hurt anyone else.

Running down the runway to do a front tuck for the first time. 

Transferring schools to follow my heart.

Stepping up to the line to take (and miss) the penalty kick.

Learning to walk again after each and every knee surgery.

Telling the man I loved that I wanted a divorce.

Walking on fire.

Trusting myself enough to know what's best for me.

Walking away from my 10-year corporate career to raise our girl and pursue my life's work.

Marrying my soulmate.

Starting the fertility treatments.

Buying our dream house.

Surrendering to the life I was created for.

Saying goodbye to Ben's mom.

Throwing out the roadmap.

Trusting the pull of my soul.

Here is my birthday wish for you and me...

Today of all days, I am hoping you are ready and willing to dig down deep into your own courageous soul to ask yourself the impossible and imperative question...

What does coming home to who I really AM mean to me?


What am I going to do about it?

Make a declaration. 

Allow your soul to whisper it from within. 

Write it down.

Share it with the world or just your best friend.

Tell your truth...

Shout it from the rooftops and take action.

The world needs your magic. 

xo -


PS - My birthday gift to you is also a loving invitation to join one of the truthiest soul hangouts on the interweb: Click here to join the Brand Like a Boss Facebook Community (it's free, come on ova!) 

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