The One Word I will Never Use Again (This one will surprise you!)


Every one of us has a few “buzz” words in the way we think and speak.

But sometimes, those buzz words can not only help us express what we mean to others, but simultaneously, reveal an even deeper story to ourselves.  

I have always held dear the belief that the words I use hold an incredible power. And because of that power, it has become a necessity for me to be intensely intentional with them every single thing that comes out of my mouth.

And that’s why I have intentionally scrapped one word from my vocabulary, entirely…

And that singularly, super-charged word is EXPENSIVE.

Maybe that’s not quite the word you expected?

I want to invite you to think of ALL of the ways you find yourself using it, yourself.

In fact, I want to invite you to get out a pen and a piece of paper right now and write down 3 examples of things you want, that might just happen to have the wrappings of being too “expensive” for you to own or invest in right now.

(Go ahead…take a moment)

Now...look at that list.

How does it feel when you look at the words written on the page?

Close your eyes and do a body scan if you need to.

Does it make you feel limited? Anxious? Depressed? Frustrated?

Does it make you feel like you’re never going to get to a place where spending *that* kind of money feels effortless?

Does it make you feel even further from your big dreams?

Chances are, you said “Yes” to one of those questions. I’ve been there too.

The word “expensive,” in and of itself, is a charged one.

We hear it on social media, our parents have been saying it most of our lives and so do our friends and family.

But let’s break it down...what does expensive actually mean?

According to The English Oxford Dictionary, it means “to cost a lot of money.”

Hmmm...who determines what qualifies as “a lot?”

Are you feeling me??

And here’s the thing...if you’ve already decided that something that you want costs a lot of money, then you have already subconsciously chosen to deny that it’s even possible to attain.

I’m willing to bet that at one time or another, you have told yourself the story that this thing; this experience, this program, coach, trip, house, car, new pair of shoes...whatever - is out outside of the limits of what you can have or ACHIEVE, thus becoming a #SelfFulfillingProphecy that dictates the trajectory of your life….

And your overall feeling of satisfaction and possibility.

What we tend to lose sight of, however, is that when something we want is in alignment with who we are and what we need to be of greatest service to the world and to ourselves, the  conditions always seem to magically adjust themselves to make it possible for us to say “Yes.”

Take, for example, the Mastermind coaching program with Lewis Howes I joined over the summer.

When I saw the price tag on it, I had a little moment of doubt. (Okay, more like a week with lots of questions and calls to friends - but who’s counting?) I knew that I had enough to get started… but, in the spirit of unabashed realness- I had no idea where the rest of it was going to come from.

But- I knew deep down, (you know what I’m talking about, right, when something is just calling to you at a soul level…) that this was meant for me.

I thought about the VALUE of what this program offered…(Hint: It wasn’t just about growing my business).

This mastermind was about changing how I showed up in the world.

It was about how I could weave more LIFE into what I offered for myself, my family, and for YOU.

It was about how I could elevate myself to a higher level and serve a greater purpose, while simultaneously, creating more freedom for myself and for my loved ones.

This mastermind was about living out my “Why” on a whole new level

So I said Yes to the experience, and with it I sent a little love note to the Universe that said, “I’m ready and willing to do whatever it takes to experience this.”

And wouldn’t you know, that note created a sense of urgency in me. It no longer became an option to find that money, it became a necessity.

Conditions changed, proverbial mountains moved and opportunities came up that brought in more resources...

And guess what?

One week after the program started I went to my first event with the Mastermind crew and handed Lewis a big ol’ fat check for the remainder of my balance.

Magic? Maybe.

Alignment? Girl, you know that’s the truth.

I’m not saying to you that things don’t cost more money than we might have in our possession at any given moment.

What I’m saying is; we rob ourselves of the opportunity to even want something that could potentially change the way we experience this life when we use a word that sets a limit on what’s possible.

Love doesn't confuse what’s possible with what’s a priority. #MicDrop

If it is a priority to you (like the mastermind was to me), then you will find any way to make it possible.

And the cool thing is, if it’s not you get to own it.

You get to say, “I don’t choose this. I choose not to invest my time, money, resources on this right now”  

Your choice can be a life-giving one, rather than one that makes you feel less than.

But, friend, let me make this one last point crystal clear... the price tag of the thing doesn’t do the choosing for you.

You get to choose and consciously create what’s account balance and all.

So, here is the challenge for you:

Witness the places in your life where you’re using the word “expensive.”

Identify how that might be limiting your growth or keeping you stuck and ask yourself, “How could I revise this statement and welcome this thing into my experience?”

Then get to work.  

Start re-writing your story today, see what opportunities and desires reclaim their rightful place in your heart- and start doing whatever it takes to make it all possible.

Jamie ClampetComment