Titanium Trust + What I believe


Today feels like one of those "let's grab a mug + curl up together" kind of days over here...

Life has been feeling especially tender lately.

Maybe it's the change of seasons or the drawing inward that fall and the horizon of winter brings with it...or maybe it's just the natural ebb that comes with being a human who is learning how to slow the doing to stand more comfortably in the being.

I've been witnessing myself and my tribe working tirelessly in the pursuit of our big dreams. 

I've been watching my Mastermind students hit huge goals, launch podcasts, programs, + books., while welcoming in new clients...and making the big, scary leaps they've been praying for.

And I've also been fully present to what that experience feels like for lil ol' me right alongside them, because 2017 has been a year of tremendous expansion for us as a family on every, single level, too. 

We've been riding the wave of momentum that comes with it as it stretches in to every nook + cranny of our lives from our finances to our big picture vision to the ways in which we make intentional micro shifts to live in even greater alignment with what matters most to us.

And what we're learning over here is that change only shows up when we do.

Truth only has the space to spread its wings when we have the courage to welcome it in.

The panacea for inevitable package deal pain that goes along with being human is to follow the joy because everything else, if we're gonna keep it really real up in here, is just self-selected suffering.

My word for 2017 was TRUST.

I knew that I could not move the needle forward on my life, let alone my business, until I began to trust myself and this big, ol' sparkly Universe we're living in. 

Leaning in to titanium trust has required deeper levels of faith and the courage to let others in. 

It has challenged me to be seen in new and less polished ways and it has provided me with the invitation to recognize that this world isn't interested in my perfect...

This world is craving what's real. 

Settling in to this new(ish) rhythm inspired me to record a video about what I believe way deep down and how that belief has lead me right to this work. 

I set up the camera in our living room and in just one take, I dug in to share a love note from my heart to yours.

You can watch it right here. 


What do you believe?

How has your sacred work in the world been calling you home to more of what's real for you? 

What would your life and ability to touch the lives of others look like if you began to follow the bread crumbs to your deepest truth?

I want to invite you to have a deeper conversation...to share the parts of you that are ready and raging to come out. 

I want to explore what taking that big leap and launching what's next could possibly feel like with you. 

Because the world needs what's real for you.

Click here to schedule your free breakthrough session here.

Can you imagine what 2018 could look like if you put the wheels in motion on not only building an aligned + uber-authentic-to-you business plan, but had the titanium trust, soul sister power posse and magical momentum to ride the waves of your biggest dreams to go with it? 

"When doing something that seems risky, I find it helpful to remember that not doing it will be worse. You'll always wonder what would have happened if you had tried. It will haunt you."
-Sister Gloria Steinem

Oooooo sister...let's get to it. 

Click here, let's swing for those fences. 

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