My Top 3 Brand + Biz-versary Lessons


On this 3-year biz-versary, I'm feeling some major gratitude vibes and wanted to share a quick snapshot of my most poignant lessons on this wild journey as a mamapreneur and passionate soul on a mission. 

These lessons have resulted in mega transformation for me in my day-to-day life experience and concrete shifts like:

  • Being more attuned to my body: I dropped 10 pounds last year and feel better than ever.
  • Keeping a more spacious schedule for adventures with family and new ventures in my biz.
  • Attracting in my 100% ideal clients for my sacred 1:1 coaching work.
  • Hitting huge milestones in my business financially (best launch ever and selling OUT my live event!)
  • Connecting more deeply with my friends + family than ever before.

I'm so excited to share these 3 big takeaways from year 3 with you here.

1. I learned to treat myself like the Soul Fueled CEO of my life and business:

Any and every time I start to feel disconnected from who I really am, I typically find myself downloading freebies, researching (aka obsessing over) people who are doing it better than me and getting massively distracted from what I know is right for me and my business.

I feel myself starting to drift away from the most important aspect of my biz (hint: M.E.) and I start approaching it from an out-of-body perspective rather than the fully present, powerhouse mode I operate best in.

The fix: Ask yourself what you need most of all.

Create a way of living that includes a daily conversation with your inner wisdom through meditation, exercise, whatever suits your fancy.

Have regular business meetings with your selfie and TRUST what comes forth. 

I switched this in to high gear at the start of 2017 and have hit my highest revenue numbers to date as a result AND launched my sold out Soul Fueled Summit (There are just 5 tickets remaining!)

2. I began to heal my relationship with money:

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit on stage in the famed hot seat with Abraham Hicks.

The first words that came out of my mouth when I sat in the chair were, "I don't feel safe." 

Abraham quickly replied, "It's because you don't trust yourself." 


The money drama-rama, the age-old body image saga and the fears about not mama-ing right were all tethered to the hard reality that the larger part of me did not trust me. 

The money aspect of the story was no different than the 15-year eating disorder I overcame, nor was the newfound panic I often felt in my center around keeping my baby safe as a new mama.

I treated money like it was a person that was out to get me.

A reflection for how I really felt about myself and my abilities.

And as a new entrepreneur, money was the catch-all for my inadequacies. 

I quickly came to realize that no matter how much money was in the bank or what my numbers looked like at the end of the month, this feeling was still rocking me at my core. 

But the best part was that this profound realization lead me to recognize it was, is and never will be about the money!

Just like it was never about the number on the scale or my waistband, either!

It's about me honoring me. 

It's about me writing the words and saying the things that I know to be true and sharing thatwith the world. 

It's about me having the courage to BE who I really am while simultaneously releasing the death grip on what I am not. 

It's about focusing on the abundance and the profound appreciation I have for all aspects of my life, rather than obsessing about the things I have yet to do and be.

Which leads me to my final lesson:

3. I made feeling good my primary business strategy.

This one has been the most complex to implement, but it's as simple as it sounds.

When I started planning for the Summit, I knew I wanted it at this one particular venue, yet I consulted with friends and colleagues and got myself all mixed up until I just decided to move ahead with what I wanted in the first place.

When I was on the phone with a prospective client and the energy felt off, I trusted myself to lead her to an alternative option rather than twist up my services to fit her needs rather than position myself to best support her. 

I crafted a schedule that made space for me to coach at the times during the day when I am the very best at coaching. 

I allowed myself to lean in to the realization that:

Feeling good is a business strategy.

And the BONUS?

These simple lessons have lead to the living a more fulfilling and present LIFE that works with the way I get to serve the world.

Now it's your turn:

Which one of these lessons resonated the most for you? 

Thank you for your continued support, for reading these words and being a part of my journey.

Your partnership in this life and biz journey has given me wings to fly. 

With gratitude,

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