The #1 thing that's massively slowing your brand + biz roll


We know this one all too well.

We're still in our pjs, on the couch or in our beds - phone in hand in full scroll mode, and there *she* is again. 

In your inbox.

On your newsfeed.

With her perfect hair and sparkly teeth.

Her marketing copy is flawless.

Her graphics are top-notch.

And everything she's doing in her business and brand feels superior to what you're doing (or not doing).

You can't seem to shake her (those darn algorithms) and at the same time you can't look away.

She's a constant and often blaring reminder of everything you're not doing...or worse, everything you're just plain not.

The biting voice of comparison starts to whisper in your brain. 

The questioning, the internal bullying and before you know it, you're siting in that energetic rut you have worked so hard to get out of.

Oh sister, I've been there, too...with a one-way ticket to Trigger City on the Rabbit Hole Express.

But here's the thing I've learned over and over and over again:

What other people are doing in their businesses has nothing to do with me.

This is one of those old timey, annoyingly undeniable truths.

And no matter how badly I want to take her digi-perfection personally, her success is not about me.

I cannot tell you how long and hard I've had to wrestle that one to the ground.

But here's another shocking thing I've learned:

I cannot count the number of times I've had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I've mentioned the name of a mentor or online business person that I've idolized for longer than I can recall...and the person I am telling about this digi-God says to me, "Tony who?" or "Glennon Doyle-what?"

This person is getting excited about meeting lil 'ol me....yet they don't know who Tony Robbins is?

What in the actual what?!

I share this story to shine the spotlight on the fact that you never know who you are in the eyes of the person who needs you.

You could literally be their Oprah.

And it's in that little mind-boggling awakening when you realize that comparing yourself to anyone and everyone for so long has been an total and utter waste of time.

It is the ultimate energy suck.

And so I give you this loving invitation to reframe the next eye roll that you feeling coming to the surface when Molly McMagical lands in your inbox tomorrow morning. 

Give her a virtual high-five, instead.

Thank her for having the courage to do her thang. 

Recognize that there's nothing separating you and Molly from one another other than your own rock solid belief in your ability to bring your dreams to life. 

Go do you, girlfriend...

Thanks for dropping in!

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