An exciting announcement...(includes campfires sessions + lakeside s'mores!!)

I have made many "leap and the net shall appear" moments in my business.

Just last weekend I was reminiscing out on the lake in our kayaks with my dad about how I gave my notice at my corporate job with just one client on the books.

Looking on back on it, that actually does sound a little crazy town, doesn't it?

But I remember feeling such certainty in my bones.

I knew that nothing was going to keep me from taking this next huge step on my life's path. 

I think that's what happens when we are faced with the big defining moments of our lives.

Sink or swim.

Go big or go home.

Stand in integrity or walk out with it. 

I knew that if I could welcome in one client, I could welcome in two and then three and so on. 

I will never forget those first few clients...their courageous yeses changed my life. 

But first and foremost, my yes to myself changed my life...

And from there, my family's life and so many others' lives down the path that I have had the gift of serving, coaching and inspiring on their journeys.

It's hard to know the power of a yes looking forward...but when you turn around to connect the dots, the synchronicity is undeniable + awe-inspiring.

I had another one of those moments this week after I was swimming in the swamp of the post-Summit swirl. 

I was feeling conflicted and a little strung out and ready for the next divine download to present itself.

Instead of pushing, I surrendered and allowed (a newfound and hard-earned skill, I might add).

More folks wanting to connect and work together than ever, yet my bandwidth was being tapped at a whole new level.

And then, as if out of invitation landed in my inbox.

One I've literally been praying for and visualizing for as long as I've been in business.

This invitation was one that required me to get on a plane NEXT make a five-figure join a new tribe of rockstar entrepreneurs who are crushing it and making a massive impact on the lives of the people they serve in the process.

The whole thing made my tummy do backflips.

I imagined being the NH sweet potato walking in to a room of the cool kids from California.

I started trying to tighten up my funnels and get "organized", but that quickly turned to overwhelm and mega-perfectionist mode and it burned me out fast.

And then I realized this invitation didn't come by chance.

It was not a mistake.

It came because I am ready for it. 

It was the sign I had been asking for. 

And instead of hiding away, talking myself out of it, getting scared about how I was going to make it all work, I gave it my full faith and full trust.

I booked the plane ticket, cleared the schedule, made childcare arrangements, moved my client sessions around and said yes to these big dreams that have been propelling me all the days of my life. 

And on the other side of that yes, I awakened to what's next...

That's the funny thing about comes when you finally surrender to what was meant for you.

And I am so excited to share this soul fueled invitation with YOU.

To invite YOU to say yes to yourself and your dreams like never before.


The Soul Fueled Mastermind::

An intimate + transformational experience that will help you take your life and business to the next level. 

An experience that includes:

  • An IN-PERSON weekend retreat (complete with a lakefront celebration dinner + campfire sessions for all participants) ($6,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls ($3,000 value)
  • Access to all of my courses and programs to date ($5,000 value)
  • A private big vision + goals call with Amber to kick-off our life-shifting work together ($500 value)
  • An exclusive online community for regular interaction and support in-between calls
  • One-on-one hot seats and strategy sessions ($5,000 value)
  • A community of leaders to partner and collaborate with on various projects 
  • A free ticket to my 2018 Soul Fueled Summit ($599 value)
  • Exclusive referrals to my team of rockstar service providers that have helped me build my business

This mastermind experience contains ALL of this (valued at over $20K) at half the cost of my current private coaching rate!

Who is this for?

  • The six-figure earner whose success is feeling like a heavy weight that is keeping her from building momentum and pivoting toward her passion.
  • The mamapreneur who is ready to take her business to the next level and hit her first five-figure month.
  • The newly budding entrepreneur who has fire in her veins and a big vision calling to her but lacking the know-how to bring her dream to life at the pace she needs.

The Soul Fueled CEO™ who is ready for her BREAKTHROUGH

Because we're all looking for road tested solutions that lead to RESULTS, accountability from a trustworthy and heart-centered coach and the proven results to back up what they are teaching, right?

That's where I come in.

I am ready to share all of the things I've already made happen...

  1. How to hit the $500K mark in just 3 years as a full-time work from home mama (with just 15-20 hours available for work each week).
  2. How to make a massive impact on the lives of others by passionately and powerfully sharing your message.
  3. How to manifest your family's dream home (on a lake!) in just my 2nd year in business.
  4. How to land speaking gigs for audiences of over 450 members.
  5. How to plan and host a sold-out event that makes a significant impact on your community and the lives of those who attend.
  6. How to build a business with a strong philanthropic component that changes lives and communities.
  7. How to launch and grow a podcast to thousands of weekly downloads. 
  8. How to reach thousands all over the globe while helping them to be more exponentially more present for the people they love (less anxiety, more joy) and themselves through your teachings + services.
  9. How to build an Instagram following with over 22K brand fans.
  10. How to make authentic connections and friendships with celebrities and influencers in your industry. 
  11. How to earn the funds to invest multiple 5-figures into coaching programs, masterminds and growth experiences to support your own personal and business development. 
  12. How to grow your reach, your list and your impact on the lives of those who follow and trust you.

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If you'd love to get your business and brand to achieve any of these results, I encourage you to apply now because this mastermind is going to fill up on a first come, first served basis! 

It's time to come home to who you really are and to create a business and lifestyle that fully supports YOU.

If you are ready to take your business and life to the next make this the most significant year of your life - apply here.

Once you submit your application, you will be contacted to arrange a one-to-one call, including all the details you need to know.

This is an exclusive mastermind experience that will transform your life + business...if you are ready, please complete the application form and we'll contact you to set up a 30-minute strategy call.

Here's what I know...

Sitting in the swamp of stuck. 

Wallowing in your own victim status and worry...refusing to take the next step because you're too afraid of what might happen next isn't working.

If you've read this entire invitation...consider this your sign.

Here's to sacred yeses and the courage to dream bigger than ever before!

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