Calling all Wonder Women: Fear is not a business strategy


What propels you forward?

What compels you in to action? 

The hard truth is that for many of us, the answer is fear.

At different points on our journeys, our career paths, and in some cases, even our relationships have been (or perhaps still are) reactions to fear. 

As an entrepreneur, I understand this all too well...when faced with bills and being who we really are in our businesses...there's no where to hide. 

Fear keeps the adrenaline pumping and the modern-day saber toothed tiger far enough away so that we can survive another day.

But you and I both know that we can't run forever.

And from an energetics perspective...the difference between running away versus running towards what it is we really want actually matters.

The gift of awakening to our true birthright: creation, connection, our true the freedom we've been searching for.

When it finally clicked for me that I was using fear as a business strategy, everything shifted.

I began attracting in the clients who were ready to dig in and do the work of their lives.

I began feeling more fulfilled and making a bigger impact in every aspect of my life...

And, naturally, I began making more money than ever before. 

When I grounded in to my deeper passion-filled purpose that lives at the core of what I do each and every single day, fear got in the backseat. 

I took the wheel and remembered why I was lead here in the first place.

I remembered every version of me who had come before and what she has always known:

Love is what gives me my courage.
Love is what drives me.
Love is what allows me to feel and see in to the hearts of every person I meet.
Love has always been the answer.

Love is our superpower.

Love is the only thing that is truly eternal. 

Surrender to your business, in your relationships, in your body...and watch your life transform.

My business creates more space for me to love and serve.

It is the way of life that supports my highest priorities, my devotion and my commitment to making the impact I was put here to make. 

It is the container for our soul training...the place and space where we get to lock arms with fellow love warriors - women and men who see a different way of life - of co-existing and contributing to the history of mankind. 

This work chose you, Friend.

You've already said yes to the bigger mission of your life by choosing to be alive in this very moment in time.

Remember what lead you here.

Recognize the divine timing of your life.

Find the courage to lead with your purpose above all else. 

You are the super hero we've been waiting for. 

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PPS - Grab a girlfriend and run to a movie theater to see Wonder Woman...This movie was made for us.