The 4 Beliefs that are Crushing Your Business Growth (+ How to Shift 'Em Pronto)


One of my favorite things about being a coach is how sensitive my BS meter has become for excuses...most especially for myself. 

It's amazing to witness the psychological hoops I watch myself go through when making decisions that require me to push past my sweet little comfort zone. 

This could include anything from posting an Instagram story with no makeup on to writing this very email. 

Forget about the BIG stuff like making an investment in myself and my business, retiring my husband or launching something brandy new. 

Our brains are hard-wired to keep us safe. 

The mental hurdles and overthinking Olympics we experience are part of the equation to keeping our species in existence (i.e. avoiding saber-toothed tigers).

This got me thinking about some of the most common lines I hear from my clients and myself when it comes to taking leaps and pushing play when it would be so much easier to hit pause. 

Here's an invitation to explore the places and spaces where you might be holding yourself back and how to push past them in order to go out and get those sparkly dreams.

Belief #1: I'm not cool, pretty, smart, awesome, wealthy, funny [insert whatever you say to yourself here] enough to achieve my goal. 

This one feels pretty simple to help you debunk and it all comes back around to you having a sweeping excuse as to why you don't have to take action. 

Because it's safer if we stay small. 

And if you convince yourself that you are not qualified to achieve what it is you want, that means you don't have to separate from the pack.

It means you get to stay safely nestled next to your fellow (also scared and afraid to admit they want something different) humans. 

Imagine if Beyoncé stayed safely nestled in the pack? What about our girl Ellen? 

Creating something immensely useful that other humans admire and desire requires innovation. 

And innovation requires you to dare greatly. 

It also means you might be noticed and even criticized or ridiculed. 

Leaving the pack means putting yourself out there and being different, getting noticed and so naturally, that's going to make you feel a tinge terrified. 

But the cool part is when you can flip the switch on that language and tap in to the realization that NOT leaping actually feels scarier than staying put. 

You are as enough as you decide yourself to be. 

Belief #2: Who am I to launch the business, speak on that stage, write the book [insert yours here]?

Who are you not to launch the business, speak on that stage, write the book? 

I am going to challenge you here, Amber.

I am going to challenge you to get over yourself for a hot second and recognize that you were put here to create.

Being human presupposes that you are here to be a creator.

That's what our species was actually made for.

We're here to craft and create and connect with the hearts of others through love and generosity. 

Our creations are an opportunity for us to express that love and the God (aka magical, one-of-a-kind, divinely guided stuff) that lives within us. 

Imagine if your most favorite musician or author allowed the doubt and darkness to win and chose NOT to pick up the pen or the microphone? 

Imagine what YOU would be missing from your life as a result of that choice?  

Thinking about this, quite literally, takes my breath away because what I know to be true is that...

We are here to expand in to the fullness of who we really are. 

Our businesses and brands and careers are simply the PORTALS to help us share our experiences and our learning with others. 

Our art is the way we change the course of history and help humanity evolve in to a higher level of consciousness. 

*THAT* is actually what we're doing here. 

And your work is the way you execute this divine mission. 

You were put here to write the book, speak on the stage and launch the business that impacts lives. 

Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Belief #3: I don't know how. 

The most basic example I can go back to is the one when I watched my daughter learn how to walk. 

She had no idea how to walk...her wobbly, squishy little legs could hardly hold her up...but she was hell bent on walking.A

And she walked at 9 months (yes, she's a freak).

She now runs like the wind and never even thinks about the days she couldn't walk.

Her past does not keep her from experiencing the life she was born to live. 

You are not going to know how when you begin, but your magnificent brain will help you along the way. 

People like me will help you along the way. 

My greatest joy is in passing along the learning I've had the blessing of receiving to help others suffer less and step in to their light more quickly.

Shift your focus to your big vision...on WHY you are ready for this next step rather than focusing so hard on your old limiting beliefs about the probability of your big vision coming to fruition.

Welcome in the synchronistic invitations for the guides and gurus you need to help you achieve those goals.

Release the need to overthink and question and allow the divine guidance to deliver itself to you.  

Belief #4: I can't get started until...I have the certification, I lose the weight, I have my photo shoot, I launch my website...[insert yours here].

Your life is your classroom.

You've been learning and preparing for what's next all of the days of your life. 

I remember this moment sitting at my desk in my corporate life thinking, "I can't have the life I want, if I am not willing to take the leap to create it." 

I couldn't teach others how to live a life grounded in the freedom and ease and abundance that I knew I was ready for if I didn't first experience it myself. 

Sounds like a no-brainer right? 

So why are you still hitting the brakes?

What is going to position you and lead you to living your transformation so you can then teach it to others?

You have to go first.

You have to leap before you can actually experience the results you're after. 

Think about how many incredible thought leaders and innovators that didn't go to college (Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Coco Chanel to name a few).

They never got the degree, but the created empires that transformed the way we live. 

A certificate is not going to give you permission to feel worthy of your big dreams.

You are.

The moral of the story? 

Our beliefs about why we can't do, be or have something are the least original thing about us. 

They are the greatest hindrance to human potential.

And most importantly, they are the greatest hindrance to your potential, Amber.

Here's to calling ourselves on our own BS and moving in the direction of our dreams.

Starting now.