This one act saved my life


When I was unable to breathe on the operating room table, the one central act that brought me back to consciousness and in to my new life as a mama was surrender.

I surrendered in to gratitude, in to grace and in to love and everything changed.

When I look back on the dots of my life and consider each and every event that has been central to leading me toward greater joy, alignment and abundance - at the root of each of those experiences sits surrender.

Finding the pathway to surrender, in to the divine order and synchronicities of life - those moments where the right people, emails, clients and details miraculously land in front of you feels like magic. It happens so effortlessly you find yourself laughing at how difficult you had been trying to make how hard you had been pushing to bring it in to being.

My life has been a beautiful ebb and flow of sweet surrender and, of course, me leading with fear and angst at times...believing that life is a pressure cooker that I am controlling, rather than relaxing in to what I know to be true. 

I see this so often in my clients as well. 

They want the strategy, the roadmap, the picture perfect pathway to get to their goals.

We've been sold on the hustle, literally and figuratively, yet life has been whispering something different to us. 

Life has been inviting us to notice the cycles of surprises - the physical manifestations being delivered in connection with precisely what we've asked for - good or bad. 

Everything from the sacred gift of the perfect client to the other shoe dropping in the way of a flat tire is a connected to what we're asking for. 

"Your word is your wand." - Florence Scovel Schinn

What would your business look like if you surrendered in to where life was guiding you?

What have those gentle nudges been inviting you to consider?

Your next program? The podcast launch? That in-person retreat or maybe a rockin' collab with a fellow Soul Fueled CEO™? 

What if...Surrender became your go-to life and business strategy?

Here's what I know to be true...

Surrender presupposes trust.

Surrender intuits and makes space for fearless faith.

Surrender requires us to allow the Universe to lead us to what's next on our sacred journeys. 

Are you ready?

What shifts are you being called to right now?

What questions do you want to ask?

What happens when surrender becomes your central mode of operating in all things?

What is calling to you, Friend?