Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy

Over the last 3 years, I've had the gift of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs: passionate souls on a mission, talented, brilliant minds with huge hearts and incredible missions to match. 

I have helped those women not only achieve greater success in their brands and businesses, but also in coming home to more of who they really are in the process.

This work has been incredibly rewarding, intrinsically, and with the financial growth that has come along with it.

But there's one thing I've witnessed over and over again that has me feeling more convicted and ready to spring in to action than ever before.

And that is...

The countless women I speak to on a daily basis who are waiting for permission to take the next step on their journeys.

For every woman that says yes, there are at least 2-3 who say "I need to ask my partner first" or "I don't know if I'm ready yet" or worst of all, "Everyone else must be so much further ahead of me, so I think I should wait until ______(fill in the blank)______." 

These are all bonafide reasons we've likely used at one point or another and honestly meant, but here's the thing...

When I read through your questionnaires and I ask you about your big vision and you pour out your heart and soul and the REASONS ON FIRE that now, now, now, now is the time for you to take this leap....and then you give me one of the aforementioned excuses (often through gritted teeth)...

I KNOW you're not giving me (or yourself) the whole truth.

Because what I'm really hearing is...

"I don't think I'm worthy of my dreams." 

I hear you telling me and my team that you're praying that someone will come along and bop you on the head with her magic wand to tell you it's time:

That you're're worthy...

You're good enough.

And the thing is, I 100% know what this feels like... 

It took me lying on an operating room table unable to breathe to wake up and own my desires. 

It took me almost dying to awaken to what I knew was waiting for me on the other side of my comfort zone and my excuses about why I wasn't ready yet.

But what I know to be true is that no one could want it for me more than I did back then.

No coach, friend, partner, parent, mentor or divine entity could make me take that next life-changing step until I made the decision to embrace the unknown and choose to be guided by my dreams rather than my fears. 

I know you know this too, {{firstname}}.

The SECOND most common reason I hear that my clients or potential clients aren't ready to take the next step on their journey is because they don't know how to "get" new leads and convert the leads they do have in to sales.

I listen to them list off all of the reasons why connecting with new prospects and sharing themselves with the world feels impossible.

I hear them quit before they even get started.

I'm ready to help you radically transform this story.

If you feel like your sales tires are stuck in the mud and you could use a little (strategic) nudge to get some momentum going... 

I'd like to invite you to join me for a free webinar this Thursday, 8/10 at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How I revolutionized the traditional sales strategy model for my latest SIX- figure launch

  • The 5-step strategy I use every day to maintain a steadily increasing flow of leads + sales

  • The one question my mentor Lewis Howes asked me that changed everything and helped me retire my husband from his 11-year police career in just one month.

  • The daily actions I take in my brand + business for maximum impact and engagement with my audience. 

  • How I cut out the stuff that wasn't working in my biz (and was sucking the life out of me) to make an even bigger impact AND income.


This is not your average sales webinar.

I will be sharing the nuts and bolts strategy + the mindset shifts to match that have helped us double last year's income (with 5 months left in the year).

If you've been following my journey over the last 3 years (or even just in the last year), you know that the road to get *here* - to retiring Ben, to adding more team members and to putting programs and processes in place that feel super aligned with what's true to me - has been a super transparent and truthy process.

I've tried out lots of models and methods to share my personal learning and journey with my tribe.

I've enjoyed sharing the things that have worked like a charm and the things that have been an epic fail. 

And the common theme running through all of it, has been my commitment to staying grounded in who I am and to designing strategies and systems that I can share with my tribe to help us all live a more present, passionate and fulfilling LIFE. 

Your business is the portal to sharing your soul's work with the world.

Let's make sure it feels AMAZING, abundant and aligned with who you really are so you can make a bigger impact AND income. 


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