How I Built my Dream TEAM + Doubled Last Year's Income

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Ben and I are about to hop on a plane to hang out with my mastermind buddies at Lewis Howes' Summit of Greatness.

We are so excited for our adventure together and for the adventure our little one gets to have with friends + family while we're away (her suitcase has been packed for a week). 

Preparing for this trip and experience got me thinking about all of the SUPPORT it takes to build a rockin' business. 

The saying, "It takes a village" applies to birthing babies and businesses and I wanted share a little peek behind the curtain at ALL of the support I have called in on a daily basis to make all things possible.

I realized, as I put this list together, that no part of this journey has been a SOLO-endeavor and for that I will be forever grateful.

Here are the current support roles inside the business:

A Techie Ninja VA: who makes things happen with (what seems like) her eyes closed. I've been with Jamie for almost 3 years now and I am so grateful for her technical know-how and her ability to ride the waves through the back end trials + tribulation that comes with having an online business.  

An All-Things-Biz Assistant + Social Media Rockstar: who talks me off the ledge, has a bigger vision for me than me most days and just makes my life so much easier inside the biz. She is also a social media expert extraordinaire and has helped me grow my Insta-following by over 25K followers since January (yep, true story). 

My Handsome COO aka Loving Husband: Ben helps with the operations of podcast editing/flow, video editing, financial analysis, live event support and anything else I need his handy help on.

Our go-to Creative Team - Photographer, Stylist + Video Crew: for special projects on the schedule and speaking events. 

We also have someone who helps with podcast show notes and Facebook advertising.

All graphics and web design/updates are done by me, in-house. 

My LIFE support::

  • Our FAMILY...My parents (my mom has basically been our family chef for too many years to count - whipping up gourmet dishes that create leftovers that go the distance, thanks Mom) and Ben's dad
  • My soul sister besties (who also happen to be gurus and incredible teachers in their own right) Rachel Camfield, Liza Witonis (our go-to for help with watching the babe - this one is HUGE for us!), Meg Haines, Jen Desrosiers + Jess Todd
  • My spiritual mentor Karen Kenney and where-have-you-been-all-my-life rockstar soul sister.
  • My vocal instructor guru Martha Gleason
  • My therapist 
  • ALL THINGS ARBONNE - Vegan-certified makeup, skincare + nutrition - I use (and has single-handedly transformed my bod). 
  • My chiropractor, naturopath, hair maven (Jessica Todd) + soul food magic ala Laney & Lu Café.

Bottomline: In order to BUILD a team and support system like this, I've had to learn how to be more OPEN to receiving help. 

I've also had to learn that just because I CAN do something doesn't mean I should! 

We've invested more in the business this year than ever and in doing so, we've more than doubled our income from last year and in 3 years are about to eclipse the $1M mark in the business.

I've learned that we are SO MUCH better together than we are apart.

I've learned that ALL OF THE TIME we waste clicking and searching and scrolling and waiting is time we could be spending enjoying our LIVES and making money in our businesses. 

Celebrating my friends, leaning on them for support and remembering that it takes a "rising tide to lift all boats" has been one of the most powerful catalysts for expansion there is. 

And this is why I've created programs and experiences for my clients that not only include high-touch support from yours truly, but soul-centered COMMUNITY to ride the waves of entrepreneurship with. 

You need a village to birth + grow your sacred business too, sister friend.

I'll show you what I'm talking about...

Take a peek at my latest behind the scenes look at my latest Mastermind Retreat Experience::

(Video by Aimless Focus + Song "Back Home" by Akari)

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