Top 5 Tips from Super Achievers in Action [Summit of Greatness RECAP]

Ben and I just got back from an epic weekend at the Summit of Greatness and the Greatness Mastermind with Lewis Howes and all I can say is...


It was an incredible experience.

Lewis pulled out all of the stops and dazzled the audience and even bought a copy of his new book The Mask of Masculinity for everyone in the audience (which Ben read in its entirety in less than 24 hours).

Click here to pre-order yours now. Lewis will be on the podcast on Tuesday, 10/31 when the book launches.


The Summit, in and of itself, was life-changing and then add to it the Mastermind sessions and experiences thrown in to the mix and the whole trip felt like a portal to the next realm of being for me. 

We had the privilege of learning from #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Brendon Burchard on Saturday with a 4-hour private business strategy session (!!) and it got me thinking hard about how I am showing up in my life and business when it comes to personal excellence.

It got me doing a 360-degree audit on each aspect of my life and I came home with new tools and techniques to add to my daily routine that I wanted to share with you. 

After studying each and every one of the speakers and even my fellow mastermind brothers + sisters, I noted that there are a few patterns that jumped out at me about their propensity to hit their big goals and the artful way they do it. 

It's no secret that taking action is the secret sauce to high achievement, but there a few other focus areas I took away from the weekend and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Here are the top 5 tips I learned from witnessing super achievers in action:

1. They've learned how to "listen through the fear."

Brendon Burchard said, "We're trapped in an internal world of chaos and not listening to the mentors that are right there showing you how to save your life." #guilty 

How many times have we signed up for the program or hired the coach and then spent the duration of our time working together, literally, ARGUING for our limitations? 

We have to learn how to listen through our fear to hear the sage advice and divine downloads being delivered to help us get to our dreams faster and with less bumps and bruises along the way.


2. They prime themselves for fierce focus every, single day.

Mel Robbins said, "Being great is about the little things." 

Her 5-Second Rule is an epic tool to help you override your brain's hesitation reflex to ignite your action taking pre-frontal cortex. 

But fear and feedback loops are a real thing...and waking up everyday and getting ourselves in GO-mode takes grit and practice. 

We simply cannot achieve our big goals with our brains full of chaos and split energy. 

A solid morning routine and pre-planning the night before is a non-negotiable for excellence. 

How do you prime yourself for focus every day?

3. They're not looking for the magic button.

Chris Guillebeau said, "Stop looking for the magic button." 

I loved this moment because with this statement comes the package deal that when we start focusing on doing the work, creating the product and offering that is going to help others, we are simultaneously presupposing that we are qualified to do it.

Sounds simple right?

But permission is a big part of the fear equation and the feeling like we need our fairy godmother to come down and tell us we're ready is a real thing for many of us.

And here's what I noticed over the weekend, super achievers are no longer under the fallacy that they are going to get scooped up by Oprah or blessed by Ellen and suddenly have all the success in the world they've been waiting for.

Every person that walked that stage over the weekend has committed to doing the necessary hard work day in and day out. 

They wrote the book, practiced the talk and felt all of the frustration that comes along with it. 

They are being pulled by something bigger than their fear.

Do me a favor and say this out loud 3x:


Then close your eyes for a few minutes until you get a download about what that magic translates to in real life action-taking and jot it down in your journal.


4. They are pulled by something bigger than external validation + accolades.

Maria Sharapova said, "I play like I have nothing."

After her recent and controversial suspension from the game of tennis, she stayed in shape and worked on growing her businesses. 

She wrote a book. 

She referred to overcoming challenges as "immunizations."

I love this analogy because the fact is, once we overcome something big, the learning stays with us, it makes us stronger.

Every time we step on to the court, the stage or appear on the screen, it's an opportunity to touch lives and prove to ourselves that we can do it. 

Show up and prepare like you haven't achieved a thing and watch what happens next.

5. They are focused on the present. 

Tim Storey was, by far and away, one of my favorite speakers from the weekend. 

During the Q + A, someone asked him what's next for him...

His answer?

"What's next is what's now." 

Can I get an AMEN, sister friend!?

I get this question a lot too.

Loving friends and brand fans say, "Wow! You're blowing up over there! Everything looks like it's going so amazingly well."

And while things ARE going incredibly well, that only happens because I'm so focused on what's right in front of me...

  • Writing this email to you.
  • Preparing for my podcast interview with Emily Ley (yay!) later today
  • Getting ready to record a module training for my Mastermind program.
  • Fitting in time to move my body and show up in my community to support my tribe.

What's next is the non-glamorous stuff like waking up and playing dress-up with my daughter before school, voxing my girlfriend back who is needing some extra support today, answering emails and reviewing edits to my podcast show notes.

What's next is right here...

And by continually giving our full focus, energy and LOVE to the lives our former selves have so intentionally crafted, we give birth to the lives we're dreaming about. 

I could not think of a more fitting way to close this week's love note to you.

What's NOW for you?

What's it going to take for you to commit whole-heartedly to your personal definition of excellence? 


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