Let it be a Love Story

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I woke up to a Facebook feed and phone full of love notes from my friends and family wishing me a happiest birthday today.

My heart was bursting with gratitude and that twinkle of birthday morning excitement.

I woke up to a fresh new year and a deep, expansive feeling sitting in the center of my being that I have been waiting for. 

And then I started thinking about you.

I started thinking about how tender and afraid I feel most of the time and I'm willing to bet you do too.

I reflected on how for the last 36 years, reaching for fear has felt easier than reaching for love, most days.

And because of this, in the last year and most especially in the last few months, I've been peeling back the layers to understand where this really comes from...what it really means. 

I've spent time in solitude with myself and with my beloved soul sisters and spiritual mentors. 

I've opened my heart with my husband and my best friends and I've surrendered to the truth that has followed me all the days of my life.

The one undeniable fact that I have been selectively weaving in to the tapestry of my life and mercilessly withholding. 

And that simple truth is the simple fact that I came from love, I am of love and I was born through love on this very day 36 years ago.

I am Love.

And so are you.

And the simple fact that we believe we are separate from Love is the sole thing keeping us from living a life brimming with joy. 

It wasn't until I slowed down enough to sync up with this undeniable fact was I able to get a glimpse of it.

And now that I know, I can't pretend that this is not the Truth. 

We suffer, we struggle and we hide because we were not meant to be separate from love. 

And *this* fact...this unavoidable truth is not only impacting our relationships, most especially, the one you have with ourselves but it's dramatically impacting our work in the world. 

We cannot show up whole to our work with others if we are not whole for ourselves. 

The work to come home to who we really are IS the work. 

There will never be a sales strategy, funnel or email sequence that can outperform the power of honoring your truest essence.

You are love. 

You are loved. 

You were called here for the joy of it. 

Let your life be a love story.

Let your work be an expression of love. 

Let your business be the portal through which you give and receive MORE love. 

Reframe your offerings, your sales copy, your marketing strategies to and through Love and watch what happens next. 

If you're not sure how to do that, I would love to help you

Thank you,Friend, for being a part of my tribe, my own personal evolution and unfurling.

I love you + appreciate beautiful you.

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