What if it never was about WORTHY?


Today's Sacred Sunday Song
"You Say" by Lauren Daigle
(Click to listen, sip + read)

(Here's 2014 me doing her Brand Love thang...)

I lovingly cringe now to think about it, but I am so grateful for her courageous leap from the safety net of a 10-year corporate career!

About 2 months after leaving my job to be home with our sweet babe (just 8 months old at the time) and build my business from the ground up, I felt like something was off. 

I was showing up and sharing my offerings, posting on social media every day and slowly growing my email list...but there was a part of me that felt like I wasn't representing who I really was in my brand.

And what I quickly realized was that what I really had wanted all along was to launch my business as ME...Amber Lilyestrom...not "The Brand Love Coach."

I can remember waking up one Sunday morning, passing the babe over to Ben and completely rebranding my website, my logo, my copy and swapping everything out to show up as MYSELF online.

It was wildly liberating and mildly terrifying because, at the time, I was so worried about what other people would think.

I was worried that my old co-workers would think I was an egomaniac.

I was worried that the people who knew me before would think that I thought I was so full of myself...and so on.

I was afraid of so many things and it kept me from feeling worthy, it kept me from making the impact I was ready to make...and most of all it kept me from doing THE WORK I was here to do.

9 out of 10 clients I work with tell me that they do not feel worthy of their big dreams.

And because of this, their results suffer.

And moreover, THEY suffer.

My hope is that in this Sacred Sunday message, I can deliver something to your inbox, while you sip from your favorite mug that warms your soul, that feels like a breath of fresh air and helps you feel more focused, relaxed and alive all at once. 

Here is what I want you to know:

Whether or not you can succeed in your business is not about your WORTH, it's about the WORK.

What a relief, right?

For those of us who walked the path believing that worth was something we had to earn, rather than it being something we were born with...this should feel like a giant exhale.

The biggest mistake I see my soul sisterpreneurs making on the regular is using their businesses as a mechanism to prove whether or not they are WORTHY of their dreams...rather than an opportunity to do their deep WORK and SERVE the people they are here to help.

I'm just going to let you re-read that one again....

The biggest mistake we make is confusing our WORTH with our WORK. 

You are here to serve. 

Your worth is inherent, it's presupposed, you were born worthy, just like your beloved child or niece/nephew/grandchild/godchild was. 

You got here worthy, babe.

You never had to earn your worth...except that, the well-intentioned adults who forgot how worthy THEY were along the way made you think you had to stick the landings and score a perfect 10 in order to be good enough.

And then...you walked in to your career and your business in the same way.

Promotions, raises, perfect performance reviews and so on.

Sister, hear me when I say this....THIS way of thinking is the #1 reason you are not succeeding in your business.

You're focusing on the wrong target.

And here's the best part...

A teeny shift can create a different result. 

By adjusting your orientation (and maintaining a new vibration), you can change the course of history in your business and for your family in the process.

You don't have to know how, you just have to be ready to trade in the old way.

Are you ready now?

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You are so worthy of all that you desire + dream of.

Let's get to work.

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