3 Ways to Reframe Your Relationship with Numbers


Have you ever judged yourself because of the number of followers or subscribers you have in your business so far?

In this follow + subscribe society we live in, we have learned to view people through a lens of likes rather than for what lives beneath the surface of our scroll.

It has become a virtual popularity contest based on the digits on our screens rather than the depth of how we serve. 

And what's worse, this number obsession skews how we show up in our work and how big we allow ourselves to dream. 

I have found myself getting caught up in this swirl more times than I can count.

Can you relate? 

In today's blog I want to help reframe your relationship with numbers to keep you moving and sharing your mission with the people who need it most...your future customers! 

I've been writing sales copy and teaching marketing and branding for the last 14 years of my life...and the most important thing I've learned about sharing our message is to remember that the people we're talking to are REAL people. 

Seems obvious, right?

But how often do we get caught up in the game of wanting to create content that will attract in the masses, rather than focus on what will create maximum impact?

My message is the thing that has helped women like Molly, one of my Mastermind members, who shared yesterday that she is opening her very own downtown studio space to take her business to the next level. 

"Through our fabulous work together, I was able to move through the receptive surrender stage on my own timeline and do so deeper and more intentionally than ever before."

Molly's art is going to touch countless lives and it's also going to continue to dramatically impact the lives of those she gets to spend her days with...her family and her sweet self.

Friends, it's THESE numbers...like the number of women I have helped launch their businesses from the ground up, the number of soul sisters who have walked away from unfulfilling careers to live the life of their dreams, the number of children who have a more present and joyful version of their mamas to do life with...that matter most of all.

Are you ready for your reframe?

Here are my top 3 ways to think differently about your numbers:

1. See the numbers as a constant work in progress.

They will always be growing...this is about the body of our work, the life cycle of our brands and businesses as they grow. This is a long game...so relax and release your obsession on wanting to find shortcuts to get there. Do the work, be consistent and make authentic connections...watch how it unfolds.

2. Recognize that your numbers represent so much more than a number.

Those likes and subscribers are lives, souls, dreams in motion...Close your eyes and picture the whole wide world of the people you serve. Their morning routines, their wishes, their struggles, their fears, their late nights...connect with them on a deeper level and see them as a whole person, rather than a one-dimensional number on the screen.

3. Learn to count by touching

"When we count with our eyes, we stall the heart.
For the eyes can see clearly what is broken without ever feeling the break, and the mind can calculate the loss without ever sewing up the wound...
To count with our hands bring us deeper than all counting.
Then numbers give way to notes, and sums give way to songs."

- Mark Nepo

We must learn to count by touching...lives...souls...dreams...hearts. 

We must learn to witness our numbers for what they really are. 

We must learn to witness our numbers from the outside in, rather than the other way around.

And the best part?

The people who get this are the ones with the biggest numbers of all.

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Amber Lilyestrom2 Comments