Today's Sacred Sunday Song
"North" by Sleeping At Last
(Click to listen, sip + read)

It's been a loud few weeks over here at the Lily Pad...

Our dream of expanding our home and adding on more living space and bedrooms to our sweet little 1,200 sq ft. nest is here.

There's a giant hole in the backyard and before we know it, there will be a foundation and walls and I'll be getting my Joanna Gaines on like nobody's business.



As I watched the builders do their good work this week, it got me thinking about expansion and the elements that go in to making way for our big visions.

One of my dear friends reminded me that just 9 months ago, I sat in circle at our monthly mastermind meet up having no idea how we were going to bring this dream to life, how we were going to fit all of the pieces together: the approvals, the investment, the right team, etc....yet here we are.

It got me thinking about the bumpy roads and desperate valleys we often find ourselves in as we await the answers that lead us to living out the things we are wanting.

If you're anything like me, the "waiting" window generally looks like a 1-year-old smashing a square block in to a circular hole.

I have a rough idea of how it's supposed to go, but the mechanics and finesse are left to the imagination.

Yet, it's often when I find myself in total frustration, ready to give up and exhausted from my own mental theatrics, that the opening appears.

A whisper of inspiration.

A recommendation from a friend.

A hawk flying overhead.

It's in the moments when I put my sword down and call off the crusade, the pathway reveals itself.

It's in our devotion to see through what is calling to us, not our desperation, that leads us to what we seek.

It's in our quiet commitment to the unfolding where the real preparation begins. 

It's in our radical faith where the dream emerges from its chrysalis with wet wings and flutters in to being. 

Now it's your turn...

  • What are you not willing to give up on?
  • Where is your radical faith leading you?
  • What does preparation look like in your mind, body, spirit and backyard?
  • What would it feel like to put down your sword to allow the pathway to reveal itself?
  • What must you release in order to receive what's next?

This process is a subtle dance that can catch us by surprise. 

We've become so accustomed to the clinging to what we know that we forget there are other mountaintops from which to see.

Our lives, our businesses, our relationships, our bodies, our spiritual beliefs, our way of showing up in the world...can be totally transformed with a wider lens and a willingness to take it in from a broader view.

Here is your Sacred Sunday invitation to zoom out...to examine how desperation could be damaging your dream. 

Open your palms, your heart, your journal and explore in to what lifts you...give yourself the gift of a walk in the woods or a quiet hour of contemplation. 

Turn on this week's Sacred Sunday song and *listen* to what the wisest part of yourself wants you to know.

If your dream is in you, it's for you.



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