Encouragement for the Big Dreamer


The waning days of summer have been full and the calendar has been dotted with all kinds of magic over here. 

The Mastermind Retreat was a total soul shifter last weekend. We had my beloved friends and brilliant teachers Karen Kenney, Martha Gleason and Jennifer Desrosiers there IRL to serve our group with their expertise and magic.

We dined at some of the best spots on the NH Seacoast and we dove deep in to the places and spaces where we were ready to breakthrough the blocks that were holding us back. I can't wait for the next one in early 2019 and I hope YOU can join us!

Before we dive in today's story, if you're at all STUCK on your brand/biz journey, click here to schedule a free breakthrough call to explore if this experience is a good fit for you. The doors are open and part of the program includes private coaching time with me so we can deep dive inward together.

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In the midst of a program launch, retreat weekend and this parent-preneur life we're leading over here, we have been watching our home addition project go up before our eyes. 

To be clear, it's not just a family room or a bigger kitchen we've added...we're literally adding an entire house to our existing almost 1200 sq ft cottage on the pond. 

The no closet, no dishwasher, zero storage or guest room life has worn out its welcome and we are ready to E X P A N D in all of the ways.

This vision is one that we've had for years!!! Years that span far beyond the 3 we've actually lived here. 

That's a story for another day though (You can read about it here).

Yesterday morning I was up way early...sitting in the darkness with myself, my journal and one of my favorite books. 

I felt like I needed a major energetic tune-up.

I was noticing some leaky spots in how I was showing up for myself and instead of feeling in to the depth of life, I was finding myself sitting in a space of being stretched thin.

As the house is expanding outward, I could feel the need for my own energetic capacity to rise to meet it. 

I pulled out one of my most favorite powerhouse law of attraction mindset books and read it cover to cover before my family woke up. 

And as I flipped through the pages, I was reunited with the former version of me who read it for the first, second and third time.

I saw my own previously highlighted sections, dog-eared pages and was reminded of the gems that awaited me on the page that re-solidified them in my mind...

And then I flipped to the end of one chapter and everything came in to focus.

There on the page were the words "Build the House in your Mind" with a hand drawn sketch of EXACTLY what our home looks like today...complete with the new addition book-ending the center of our home, the original cottage that was built back in 1940. 

The best part? I sketched this out over 2 years ago...when we didn't have one penny to put in the direction of being able to get this project started and now we are paying for it in full with cash. 



It was one of those moments that washed right over me and enveloped me in grace.

It was the reminder that I needed in my small moment of questioning + doubt...the God Tap that I had been blocking with all of the doing + staying in motion and feeling spread out.

We teach what we need to learn most and here I am re-learning, over and over again, the things I speak on every day to make sure I *finally* grasp the fact that I am held, that life is leading me down the path toward my highest good....always + forever.

This Universal Truth applies to each and every one of us. 

I hope this note can be a word of encouragement for you today.

A reminder that the thing you are dreaming in to and praying for is on its way...that building the house IN YOUR MIND is the way to prepare for its physical manifestation coming to pass. 

Now it's your turn...

What are you building in your mind as we speak?

What are some of the most exciting details (aka soaker tubs + dishwashers totally included!)?

Close your eyes and spend a few moments seeing yourself living out whatever your vision is.

Be there.

Feel all of the sensations around you, imagine what the colors are, the temperature, the smells and sounds...take it in and experience the joy of it being real in your mind. 

Do this every day. And release any feelings of discouragement that it is not yet here and replace it with the eager and steadfast anticipation in knowing that it is on its way to you.

I believe in you and your big dream. Keep going.

PS - Follow the behind the scenes journey over on Instagram, there's a Highlights section that share the whole process so far of the house going up.

This week on the Podcast: 

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