Finding Your Rhythm

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Today's Sacred Sunday Song
"Call it Dreaming" by Iron & Wine
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Growing up, my mom and dad were avid runners. 

A typical weekend morning scene looked like me and my brother waking up to find that one of my parents out putting in some miles. 

I can still remember the sweet smell of my mom's sweat as she kissed my forehead after returning home. 

I learned early on about the magic of a long, solo run to not only engage my body, but to clear my mind. 

Running was a family affair and we all got in to road races pretty early on.

I can remember learning from my mom how to find the rhythm to my own breath.

Two short breaths in and one longer breath out...on repeat.

After breaking through the early kinks, I would settle in to a steady beat that I could sustain for the whole of my run giving me the juice to sprint in to the finish of my favorite things to do, especially when I was trying to beat my dad.

Just like my parents, I was out for an early run the other day and having a hard time settling in to a pace that felt right...

..and then I remembered my breath. 

That old trusty pattern kicked in and I found my stride. 

And this got me thinking about how hard it can often be to find our stride in our lives and our businesses. 

We race along the path forgetting our breath + our (bigger) purpose. 

We set the bar high and aim higher. 

We find ourselves in the race for our lives, rather than on the journey of a lifetime. 

Running to run...slowing to find our remember who we really are is just what it can feel like in creating a business that allows us to do our deepest discovery work. 

I am at an event just outside Nashville this weekend. I am literally typing this to you while sitting on a porch swing drinking some sweet tea. 

I am here to speak, share my story and help this group of amazing soul sister-preneurs deepen in to what really matters in the biggest way I know how, by empowering them to trust their own rhythm. 

And now it's your turn:

  • What race are you running? 

  • What would happen if you stopped to catch your breath? 

  • How could the whole thing transform if you allowed yourself to find your own rhythm? 

Launch calendars, sales funnels and coaching programs are simply a sacred invitation to remember why we said yes in the first place. 

They are a means for sharing our mission, not a replacement for our true ministry. 

Keep going, dear one...strap on those sneakers and move the the beat of your own heart.


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