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Today's Sacred Sunday Song
"This Moment" by Bela Nemeth
(Click to listen, sip + read)

This entrepreneurial path I walk has been about loving myself back together.

For the last 4 years, I've been finding patience in unlikely places and listening with my ear pressed to the walls of this sacred body and life of mine.

It has looked like slowing enough to hear my own quiet whispers and longings waiting for me beneath the surface.

This path has been about letting my hair down and learning to love with a fearlessness that takes my breath away.

I've found myself growing softer and stronger as the benchmarks I had once clung to fall away and dear friendships and sunsets take their place.

This path has been about building my life and career in the direction of creating sacred space in everything I do.

I've watched productivity becoming replaced with presence and the need for recognition becoming the opening for reverence.

I realized that I worked less than 10 hours this week in order to create windows for birthday celebration, home design happenings (a massive project in and of itself) and time for friends and family.

And as I sit here typing this message to you, my sweet 13-year-old cat sits on my lap and it's in this moment that I remember that this will not be forever.

These moments in this tiny office, the portal that has helped me grow my business to where it is now, holding my sweet Mew will one day be a memory.

As we drop our girl off for a sleepover at Nana + G-pa's house, their vibrancy, their health, their sweet bond...I treasure each and every one of these precious moments because I know one day I will long for them.

I know one day my heart will crack open and I will ache in to the deepest parts of myself because I will want to go back in time.

And it was when I gave myself permission to live in to the truth of this, I knew I had to make some massive changes. 

When I walked away from my corporate career, 4 years ago, I did so first + foremost, because I didn't want to miss the moments I could never get back.

This life is so beautiful and creating a world where I get to slow down enough to take it in has been my greatest gift.

Because if we don't enjoy what's here, then what more is there?

And if our businesses and careers are not set up to give us the gift of our own living, then what's the actual point?

So it's today, in this divine moment, that I beg of you...

Don't forget to make room in your business, career and becoming for your sweet life.


On this Sacred Sunday, I want to invite you in for some reflection and journaling to deep dive in to what matters most to you.

I want to sit with you while you peel back the layers on the walls and fences and the way things are so we can create space for the way you want them to be.

Grab your journal and explore these questions:

  • What am I not making space for that I hold dear to me?
  • What is taking its place and why? 
  • How does this make me feel?
  • What would need to change in order for me to make space for what means the most?
  • Where in my business or career can I slow down to honor what's sacred?
  • What are the things I know I will regret if I do not make these adjustments now?

Everything is sacred: Every moment. Every connection. Every reflection you allow yourself to sit with.

Please remember that this conversation and exploration, albeit heavy to bear at times, is the one you are ready to have.

If the dream is in you, it's for you.

Don't run away from yourself.

Share this message with a friend or family member. 

Sit with what's here, what's real, with what you feel and allow it to open before you.

The answers await your invitation out in to the magic of your life and all that is possible.

Today I sign off with deep love + gratitude for your your courageous heart.

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Your life is waiting for you. Don't second guess. Don't overthink. 
Walk in the direction of your dreams, dear one. 
I'm ready to dream big with you.

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