Regulating to Life Without Striving

On the other side of my biggest event ever…

I have been soaking in to the spaciousness I gifted myself after learning one too many times over that I need spaciousness after such a huge output.

We're joyously welcoming in our newest Accelerator + In(Her) Circle members and prepping for their kick-off calls and our 6 month journey together.

I am so relieved to be settling back in to the schedule of coaching + family-ing...reflecting + writing...resting + spending time outdoors as everything is in bloom.

This time of year is my most favorite...spring turning in to summer...warmth returning and bare feet all day every day.

We've been watching the birds on the pond - the herons and our beloved loon is back and we have a bald eagle here this year, which tells us there must be a nest nearby.

We're picnicking on the deck while we wait for the new furniture to be delivered and the thing I can say I'm most excited about each day is making sure I catch the sunset.

We're enjoying the transition of moving our girl in to our dream school after an entire year of homeschooling. In this week's Focus Friday, I share why we stopped homeschooling, click here to listen.

We're dialing in our finances after 2018's massive output (building our home addition from scratch and paying cash for it) and, quite honestly, catching our breath. 

And most of all, we're regulating to life without striving. 

For the last 5 years, we've been in a proverbial foot race to do 3 things:

1. Move in to our forever home (on this pond - read the story here).

2. Retire Ben from his police career.

3. Build the addition on said dream home.

My business has been the portal for personal expansion in physical ways that have now been met. 

Which leaves us wondering:

What do we do when we're not chasing the ball down so we can kick it in the net?

I'm really really good at chasing the ball down and kicking it in the net.

But what happens when there is no ball to chase?

What happens when you tick the mega-boxes of your life?

....and so much space to fully live in to the work that lights us up the most?

We're more financially sound than we could have ever dreamt of 5 years in to this business.

We're more certain of who we are, what we desire, how we want to live and how to trust in the process of living than ever before. 


Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography

The years of studying and rehearsing are now here...fully realized...we're fluent in a new way of B E I N G.

And, if I'm being totally honest, it feels weird.

Relaxing, soaking it in and NOT striving is not something I've ever really known how to do.

The absence of anxiety and waking up worrying, turns out, also, creates a void...

And so I am developing a new groove. 

I am living with a new mantra.

I am soothing this sweet soul when she feels the compulsion to get in motion for the sake of just getting in motion.

I am testing things out, writing in new ways, dancing for the sake of dancing, asking for more without attachment to how it gets here...and giving myself time for contemplation about the natural knee-jerk reactions I've become so accustomed to. 

I wasn't able to send Sacred Sunday emails out for the last 2 weeks because I was working on other things. 

I didn't pre-sell the 2020 IYS Summit tickets because we don't have the 2020 date yet.

I have an inbox full of emails waiting on answers to various things...

And here I am preserving and honoring what is most sacred:

My energy. My joy. My connection to the divine. My life force.

A former version of me would have called this season self-indulgent, goading me in to action, guilting me in to creating just to keep up with the imaginary sea of others we're been taught to fear. 

But here's what I know...

  • I am here to live and create and grow at my own pace.  

  • I am here to test out these wet wings each day to the best of my ability and that is all.

  • I am here to love with this bonfire heart of mine and sometimes that looks like accomplishing way less than my to do list would have me believe matters.


Everything I've  allowed myself to create with my whole heart has caught wind and soared up in to the sky.

I want you to know, beloved friend, that your biggest, boldest dreams belong to you because they were meant for you to water + honor in to being.

I want you to know that the life cycle of our dreams are perfectly orchestrated for our personal evolution. 

Our only job here is to enjoy the ride. 


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