What I learned from my first half marathon...


It’s my birthday week and in preparing for my 38th year in this bod, I sat down to write out a list of 38 things I want to experience.

I was surprised to see “Run a half marathon” land on the list as running long distance races has never been something I’ve craved.

After surviving 3 major knee surgeries, each of which, required me to learn how to walk again and re-bend my knee (one of the most painful things ever!), preserving these legs has been my primary focus.

I still play soccer and run for my training and overall fitness, but committing to a longer race just seemed like too much to ask of this sacred body of mine.

After a summer of feeling the best I’ve ever felt on the field and adopting new beliefs about my body and its ability to achieve whatever I ask of it, I decided to go for it.

This video captures the journey through the race and the parallels of the pain we experience in setting big goals and going after them.

Nothing about setting big goals is glamorous, except the declaration part.

After making that declaration, that’s when the real work begins…

I hope this video challenges you to keep going and to never give up on those big goals!

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