5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Client Base


The top stressor for most entrepreneurs is finding the right ways to grow their bottomline.

And the reality is, we can't grow that bottomline without people. 

We're all in the business of working with people one-to-one, even if we offer group programs or run a brick and mortar facility which serves many.

It always comes down to the one-to-one interaction and the lasting impact made in that relationship.

A great experience, whether that's on a discovery call or while grabbing a quick bite to eat at the café, is still a share-worthy experience good or bad (especially in today's social media culture).

I recorded a Facebook Live on this yesterday and wanted to not only share that with you, but an expanded version of my 5 main points to help you get on your way with welcoming in the clients who are ready to work with you rightthisminute.

1. Make it embarrassingly simple for prospective clients to connect with you:

Visit your website as if it's your first time.

Is it easy for your ideal client to book in a call or reach out to you about your services?  

I like to use scheduling tools (I love Calendly) to keep this really simple. Adding pop-up widgets or embedding your schedule in to your website are great ways to make it quick for your prospective clients to connect with you and ask questions. 

Bonus Tip: Make sure to allot for enough time for your discovery calls. Finding that "sweet spot" to serve their needs and refer them on to the right products/services you've created to help achieve true transformation is vital to your process. Practice makes perfect! 

2. Create a discovery experience that sets you both up for success

Do yourself a favor and ask the questions that will help you better understand what your prospective client needs.

Give them the gift of answering the questions that will help them get on the pathway to solving their problem. 

This is a huge component in the process of making the entire experience of connecting with you useful and transformational before they even have a conversation with you. 

Remember being a service provider and sharing your knowledge with the world is a marathon, not a sprint.

The relationships you build and every conversation you have has the potential to make a lasting impact now and in the long-run.

I'll give you an example:

I had a discovery call over 2 years ago with Crystal. 

She was interested in learning more about my website design services and how to help streamline her brand and business strategy. 

We had an amazing call and I sent her a proposal for 1:1 coaching work. She regretfully declined, sharing that she was not ready to make the investment "yet." 

Fast forward to January 2017, here are Crystal's words about how our work together has quadrupled her income and decreased her client load to 25% of what it used to be. She now has a wait list booking 60-90 days out. 

"I started working with Amber in her private coaching + programs. Her first words were to me: you need to raise your prices, you are not charging enough. Fear immediately settled into my stomach and I told her what I believed to be MY truth: I'm not worth more than what I am charging.

In her loving "Amber way" she locked arms with me and began the soul fueled transformation of my life + biz + mindset.

A year ago, I was selling $1 online boot camps and $150 Instagram management programs, taking on a client load 10x what any one person could handle - because I was certain this price range was the best I could do. She was adamant that I raise my rate to match my knowledge + skill + deliverable results.

Today, thanks to her, I finally believed in myself enough to follow the path she was leading me on. I can tell you with 100% truth, had it not been for her, I would never have raised my rates because I was afraid I wasn't worth it.

Now my monthly income is 4x what it used to be with only 25% of the client load I used to carry, and I have a wait list for social media management booking 60-90 days out.

I owe this to her teaching, coaching, and training. I would never have seen such a transformation in my life had it not been for her 1:1 attention.

I share this with you solely because I believe there is someone who needed to hear my story..someone who is in a situation like me - you have the skills, you have the knowledge, you have the ability to deliver: but you have no one to put those puzzle pieces together for you. If you are reading this and it feels like a mirror image to your life, then this post is for you. If you are struggling with the path for your biz, contact her."

3. Deliver value consistently.

Are you consistently creating content? 

Are you adding value, knowledge and inspiration to the lives of others on a regular basis?

Are you actually making it known that you are available for hire or that your program is launching?

The only way to answer these questions is in the form of sharing yourself and your offerings with the world. 

When was the last time you did a Facebook Live or sent an email out to your list?

Did you weave in an invitation for those potential clients to connect with you or to enroll in your program? 

These questions might feel really basic, but I cannot tell you how many times I start working with a new client and discover that there are no calls to action on their website. 

Do an inventory and weave in some tweaks to make it easier for your dreamies to work with you. 

4. Create packages/products that deliver massive value

If you're like me, you've got a lot going on over there. 

You're constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline the inner workings of your life and business. 

Ask yourself:

  • How are the products and offerings I've created helping SIMPLIFY the life of my ideal client (aka your former self)?
  • What did I need most when I was trying to solve the problem my clients are coming to me for?
  • How can I provide done-for-you (or done-with-you) aspects of my program that simplify the experience for my prospective clients? 

Remember, this is about providing MASSIVE value to drive your tribe to an instant yes!

5. Partner up with a biz bestie.

Just like the days of field trips and summer camp, find a biz buddy. 

Who is offering products and packages that work beautifully with what you're doing?

In my Empowered Empire coaching experience, custom design, social media management and energy support are all provided as aspects to help my clients reach their big goals.

I work with my own personal biz besties to help my clients reach new levels of success.

Who can you partner up with to provide a more comprehensive and value-packed experience for your clients?

Now it's your turn:

What are you going to add to your client prospecting plan? 

What feels most authentic to weave in to the way you're welcoming new members in to your tribe?

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