5 tips to instantly soul fuel your sales process


Discovery call? Strategy session? To payment plan or not to payment plan? 

The sales process, in and of itself, can be so flippin' confusing; especially for those of us who love our work so much we may or may not have been quoted, at one time or another, saying we would do it for "free!" (wink)

We get the momentum flowing and going behind our work and when it comes time for the dreaded sales conversation, we lose our mojo.

Well, my darlin', your skills, your experience and your expertise are WORTH something and I want to show you how to inject a little soul in to that sales process to take out the fear that's holding you back.

One of the most common conversations I have with my clients is about value, opening to receive and - wait for it - ASKING for what their skills and services are worth. 

I realized we needed to talk about this.

So I sat down to crank out a handy dandy list to make this process easier for you and to help you, most of all, align with your sales process more wholly so you can give the people what they actually need, while feeling fulfilled and abundant. 

Here are my 5 tips to instantly soul fuel your sales process:

1. Sharing trumps selling every day of the week:

When you're truly aligned, you're never going to feel like a used car salesperson.

When you're confident in your ability to help others, to lean in to your gifts and truly help them on their path - whether that be sharing products you love, restaurants you can't live without or programs you crafted with your heart and soul, you're helping others.

Sharing equals serving. Sharing is caring.

Share and be compensated for your time and expertise, just like the chef at the restaurant is for the meal she prepares.

2. Align your offerings with the most effective MODE of transformation:

This is about a straight line to results.

This is about creating bonafide transformation.

This is about getting Facebook messages and emails from your clients saying they just booked another new client and hit a 5-figure month for the first time.

This is about introducing life-altering magic in to the lives and hearts of yoru clients.

How can you most effectively, help her TRANSFORM?

Your products and services must POSITION you to perform at your most effective level to help your clients get RESULTS.

If your packages, products and services are confusing, are requiring you to be someone you're not or to do something you don't actually need (or want) to do in order to help them achieve the results they are after, it's time to make some edits. 

3. Keep it simple:

If you confuse, you lose.

Sometimes we get lost in our own nerves and provide WAY TOO many options.

Recently, I had a client send me 8 different one-to-one coaching offerings with 8 different price points she had been sharing with her clients, or shall I say non-clients.

She couldn't get anyone to convert and couldn't figure out why.

Clearly, girlfriend was a little too close to see what kind of confusion she was delivering to her sweet and ready to rock clients.

We quickly shifted gears, simplified and trimmed down that list to package offerings that were easy to understand, communicate and most importantly DELIVER to the people who needed them most.

4. Move it to make it:

Write. Facebook Live. Connect. Go speak for free. Pick up the phone. Send the email.

Get out in to the world and share what you believe in.

Share what you've created.

Convince the universal forces and your God that you're all in.

Walk your talk.

Grease the skids.

If people don't know what you're doing, you cannot help them.

Get some momemtum going by actually sharing it with the world.

Trust that this inspired action is going to pave the way for the clients and customers you are ready to serve.

5. Remember why you started:

Align with your why every. single. day.

Remember the former version of you that dreamt about this moment.

Remember it doesn't matter if 1 or 1,000 attend that webinar, it's about the message of your heart beating beneath the surface.

In the words of my friend Reverend Danielle Randall, "A calling doesn't let go of your soul."

Being a Soul Fueled CEO™ means that your work is the fullest expression of that soul's calling.

Don't stop.

Don't give up on your dreams.

Get more aligned with the message of your heart by slowing down and going inward. 

Get some help in making it even more crystal clear...I know a girl who can help.



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