Productivity Hacks + Inspo for Getting After Those Big Goals

How are we doing team? Are you feeling the February funk?

Keep going...You've got this...Here are the 4 things to light you up this week:

1. My free video training series: How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts


I recorded these videos in my true Amber-style...on a whiteboard...TEACHING you what I've learned along this entrepreneurial journey about social media, connecting with my ideal clients and growing my audience with authenticity and soul. 

My primary goal is to provide V A L U E and to remind you of why you do the work you do in the world. 

Once we can connect these dots in all that we do inside our brands + businesses, we become unstoppable. 

Click here to sign-up for this totally free 3-part training series that kicks-off with Video #1 on Monday, 2/26. 

2. Playlist of the week: {sweet sundays}

I have a small obsession with creating playlists...and last weekend I was craving music that helped me slow it down and call in some chill time. 

This is my favorite playlist of the moment...Check it out here. And my favorite part? When I ask our little one what she wants to listen to, she says, "De relaxin' music, mama." :) 

3. Soul Sister Shoutout of the week: My favorite podcast episode this week

I have a #girlboss crush on Christy Wright...and I'm totally pumped to have her on the podcast this Spring!


I listened to this episode while I was getting ready for the day yesterday and it got me thinking bigger as I grow in my life and business.

Christy shares the top traits of highly successful women and brings on her gal pal and mamapreneur legend Ali Brown later in the episode to dig in to her journey growing a 7-figure empire.

Click here to listen now.

4. Productivity Hack: Go to bed an hour earlier.

I know you’ve heard this one a zillion times, but the question is - Do you actually DO IT, consistently? I know how tempting it can be to keep scrolling, reading or watching your favorite Netflix delight...but how would it feel to wake up in the morning an hour BEFORE things start getting going with your people?

How would it feel to wake up and GIFT yourself an hour of time to do whatever it is that’s going to make your day better?

I started doing this after my podcast chat with Craig Ballantyne and it has dramatically improved my productivity. Now I am using my most powerful energy of the day to focus on the one or two BIG things I need the most brain power for right when I wake up, instead of waiting until later on when bandwidth gets more limited. 

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Give it a spin and see what happens. Tag me @amberlilyestrom and @therealcraigballantyne on Instagram and shout it out with the hashtag #productivitypowerhouse in the wee hours if you are feeling inspired.

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