Queens, Tizzies + Connecting the Dots on Your Brand Story

Our Wednesday morning chats are officially my favorite… so I’m pumped you made it this week.

Here are 4 things that are lighting me up this week:

1. This week’s blog is about connecting the dots on our stories and how this exercise has the capacity to TRANSFORM our business trajectory.

When I flash back over the dots of my life and acknowledge how my journey has unfolded,when I see how the calling that planted inside of me guided me through heartache and doubt, through certainty and joy; I am able to move forward with confidence and the understanding that I am doing what I was called here to do. 

In my work, through connecting the dots on my own story, I have learned how to teach and lead my tribe on this journey, not only helping create a brand that helps them feel fulfilled and make a massive impact and income, but in navigating their own journey of personal healing and expansion.


"To understand that to live, we are in fact, in each and every moment, slowly coming to life is everything. 

Our businesses, our bodies, our beliefs…they are all woven together to create the tapestry of Brand You & Me."

Read the full blog, “Connecting the Dots” here! 

2. My podcast interview with the Queen herself, Karin Haysbert.

I can’t tell you enough what a joy it is to sit down and go in deep with soul sisters like Karin. We had an EPIC interview last week and I know it’s going to crack some hearts wide open.

Today’s episode hosts one of those conversations that goes straight for the heart and reminds us of the truth: that we don’t need to prove anything to anyone to be worthy. 

In the inspiring words of Dr. Maya Angelou, "Our crowns have already been bought and paid for"

And... in the words of my dear friend and today’s rockstar guest…we are all queens.


Listen to the podcast!

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3. Are you ready to join or create your own Mastermind?

Last week, an article I wrote was featured on Startupcamp.com. It was all about one of my favorite topics- the power of Masterminds! And it just so happens that the timing is rather perfect, as I head off for my first jam sesh of 2018 with my mentor Lewis Howes and our  Mastermind in sunny California on Thursday

I am looking forward to absorbing the energy and genius of some serious rockstar entrepreneurs this weekend and coming back with even more inspiration for my you!

Check out the full article here, and see if you think a mastermind could helpful for you in your business in 2018.

4. The morning ritual that I am obsessed with - my Tizzy.

I can’t drink coffee. Womp Wompppp. 

My bod says N to the O...so I have had to find solace in a warm cup elsewhere. Sorry Starbucks. 

Over a year ago, I was introduced to the “Tizzy” and it is now my morning wake-up call.  

Here’s how you make it:

Take one bag of Detox Tea and one pomegranate fizz stick (both vegan Arbonne products) and add hot water. 

It’s a pH balanced warm beverage that makes me feel like this.


Tizzy Cheers to a fantastic week in your world Love!

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