The #HappyLoveDaytoMe Invitation

Here are the top 4 things I am feeling the L.O.V.E. for this week:

1. Why is it so flippin' hard to love ourselves?

I so want to be better at this at 36 years young.

I want to be able to apply the same levels of compassion, empathy and forgiveness to myself that I can to others.

I want to be able to look at a photograph of myself and instead of cringing about my hips, I want to celebrate + see my L I G H T staring right on back at me.

I want my first reaction when I get sick or feel overtired to be one of tenderness, rather than one of judgment and harshness.

I want to love myself the way I love my people...openly...honestly...(mostly) without condition (something I've worked really hard at over the last decade). 

And while I am not all the way there...the awareness, the ability to pause and reframe is the first major step on the journey to the greatest love story of my life.

My own. 

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I want to invite you to write an Ode to You in a social media your journal...somewhere that requires you to physically write for you.

If you share it online, use the hashtag #happylovedaytome

2. My latest Focus Friday: Being in the Season You're In has been resonating BIG with my tribe (esp with mamas) 

I know I’m not alone in saying that sometimes it feels like everyone else has got it all figured out, while your own life feels like one big perpetual ‘work in progress.’


Which is why I needed to have this conversation with you; because there are days (like the day I recorded this conversation), when I’m right there with you.

Some days (weeks.. months.. seasons) don’t quite go along with the master plan; and I’ve finally learned that this is actually part of the plan (whether I want it to be or not).

This Focus Friday is all about honoring you and whatever season of your life that you’re in. It’s about stepping into the sacred space that is this moment, and it’s about making room for what’s yet to fill it in the next.

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3. A good, ol' fashioned lovey dovey playlist (with a little sprinkle of cheese-factor for you)

Here are a few of my favorite loves songs. These are the ones that make me think of specific, special memories with my guy (including our wedding song) and it reminds me whenever I listen about how special the man I get to do life with is to me.  Click here to listen

4. I love chocolate.

I also love plant-based anything...aka vegan pb cups. (Put them in the fridge for even more magic - thanks to my gal pal Meg Haines for teaching me that one!)


Grab 'em for you + your sweetie here

I love you Love! Have a wonderful day celebrating all of the goodness that is you and the beautiful world you've created for yourself.

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