Transforming Failure into Data

I hope the first week of the New Year has been as momentous for you as it has been over here at the Lily Pad!

I started my year with more clarity and enthusiasm than I ever have…the Weekly Four format has been so well-received and I am pumped to continue sending you some serious inspiration to keep that energy flowing and your alignment in check. Are you ready?

Here’s our Weekly Top Four!

1. This week’s blog: Why I am Calling BS on Failure

My first blog of the year is focused on failure and why I am over it.

It’s a new year and I just did something most of the coaches and personal development gurus I know might call crazy.

I have a board in my office with my big goals listed out on it (you know, the one I can see every day so I can focus hard and manifest it in to being) and I wiped it clean.

I took our vision box and emptied it’s contents in to the trash.

No- I’m not having a midlife crisis and I’m definitely not throwing in the towel.

I consciously chose to shift my focus from attachment to opening to what’s what I might not even be able to SEE because I am so blinded by my big vision.

This purging and feeling of deep release is leading me in on a straight path to opening myself up for even more….

Read the full blog here.

2. The ONE event in 2018 you do not want to miss

This year’s Ignite Your Soul Summit is going to be one for the books!

Imagine an in-person, soul shifting dance party with loads of inspiration and powerful speakers to learn from and grow with!

With epic guests speakers like power couple Lori and Chris Harder, down to earth spiritual mentor & story writing genius Karen Kenney, performances by Meg Haines and legendary musician Chris Lester and many more you are not going to want to miss this one!

Need a few more reasons to get excited about this event? Watch the summit video here!

Purchase your 2018 Ignite Your Soul Summit tickets and RSVP to the party of your year…

I am so excited to share in this epic experience with you!

P.S- Save $100 on your ticket through Jan. 31 - Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Seats are LIMITED! Click here to grab your ticket now.

3. Last year’s Summit playlist to make you feel all of the feels

I’m obsessed with great music. I have more playlists than I can count over on Spotify and with my background of producing athletic events (epic on-court intros included), one of my favorite things about the live event experience is the MUSIC that gets the crowd amped and fully present. 

The music, itself, is as much a part of the experience of the Ignite Your Soul Summit as the speakers! Last year’s playlist did not disappoint and this year’s will be even better :) 

Click here to listen.

Q for you: What would your epic entrance song be? 

4. Favorite Planner of 2018

I’m a bit particular when it comes to planners and I have to admit, I have yet to find the perfect one, but this Sugar Paper one comes pretty close.

Click here to check it out

It gives me white space, a whole month view and lots of room to jot things down for each week in a lay flat, spiral bound format. 

I like to add my own power words for the week to the top of the page and my daily gratitude check on the notes page for each week, too.

It comes in white and black too (the one I have).

Alright Amber, go out and grow that dream! 

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