What branding & puzzles have in common (and a sneak peek behind my EPIC photoshoot)

Building a brand and business that embodies our soul purpose and mission often feels like pouring a 3,000 piece puzzle out of the box and on to the table.

Total chaos....teensy tidbits of the vision all mixed up in a pile of nonsense.

It’s not until we start to sift through the pieces, turn them right side up and begin putting together smaller sections of the big picture before we can get to see it outside the box.

It takes even longer than that to fuse all of those pieces into one cohesive completed look and feel that simultaneously ties in the overarching message 

I had a wakeup call last week as I walked head first into my OWN rebranding process.

I’ve been feeling the growing pains as get ready to turn the calendar in to year 3 as an entrepreneur and business owner and continue to grow and more fully align with my soul’s-purpose in my brand and work.

I spent a great deal of time and money on personal development adventures in 2015 and walked into 2016 with a big vision and incredible clarity on how I want to share my message..

It’s been a deepening process of connecting with my inner truth and and more of my power.

It’s been CLAIMING my spot as a mamapreneur, a biz and branding expert, speaker and author in the making (I'm writing this to you from a retreat on the island of Kauai, Hawaii! Eeeep!).

This growth curve is allowing me to align my online home with what I’m feeling RIGHT NOW more powerfully than ever before (stay tuned for a new website coming soon!)

A huge part of this process has required me to STEP UP and do things like arrange a photoshoot like no other...in my new (dreamy) home...with gold and faux fur and leather pants and a full blown baby blizzard as a backdrop.

I have to tell you that this experience pushed ALL of my buttons at once.

From vulnerability to upper limits to letting go of my desire to be totally perfect...the day was really about surrendering to the gifts that were available to me, most especially, the rockstars who were there to support me all the way. 

The whole Brand Love Studio (brandlovestudio.com) team was there, live and in color, styling my space, my wardrobe, coaching me from behind the camera and holding an umbrella for me when we were in between shots outside in the snow.

I even hired a fancy makeup pro to glam me up.

And my incredible husband was there with our daughter, making me laugh, feeding the crew, managing our crazy huskies and making cameos in our pics too!

I was SO GRATEFUL for the love that my people were pouring into me and for the strength with which they all HELD the vision I had for my shoot and the future of my brand.

They helped me to be COURAGEOUS and to show up in the way that I’m ready to in my business and brand.

They saw my vision, they saw my gifts and wanted to shine a spot light on them like never before through this soul-based branding process I've created for our clients.

I had no choice but to let go, trust and focus on MY JOB - while I let them do theirs.

And the results are amazing, I can't wait to show you more.

But this is just one piece of the 3,000 piece puzzle that we all have to put together as we join what we are doing NOW with our DREAMS for the future.

Sometimes they can feel like little islands before the pieces come together and the getting from here to there can feel like it’s never going to happen.

But what I've learned in spades is that when we ask for help, when we invite a friend over to participate in the process, we hire a coach or a team to hold space for the creation of our vision (and more)...we not only give ourselves the gift of what surrendering and letting go feels like...

We give our dreams WINGS.

Here’s to you and your dreams FLYING HIGH!

PS - Are you ready to ditch your "I've-got-this-go-it-alone-freak-out-mode" status? Need all-inclusive support from a team of heart-centered branding beauties who see you and your sparkly vision? Let the Brand Love Studio Team support you, click here to book a free discovery chat. We've got you, lovely. xo

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