What it looks like when you're doing it "RIGHT"

Have you ever had one those moments when you need to make a decision and feel like you already know the answer, but the voice inside your head is judging you so hard, you can’t get out of your own way to actually decide?

I was recently invited to attend an event that I realized I didn’t really want to go to.

In theory, I wanted to go because it was a fun trip with amazing people in an awesome place, but...

I just got home from the biggest trip of my life and spending more days away from my family rightthisminute just didn’t feel awesome to me.

I knew this was my answer...

Yet, I told myself stories about why going was uber-important and why if I didn’t go, it meant I was letting people down or that I wasn’t committed to my goals.

The Bottom line: Not going meant I wasn’t doing it “right” somewhere in the back of my brain.

And then I thought about you…

  • The aspiring entrepreneur plotting her escape from the 9-5 world, yet not having ANY idea when that day might actually come.
  • The mamapreneur who fits her business into the constantly evolving nap time window, often unsuccessfully getting anything on her to do list accomplished.
  • The entrepreneur ready to make a big leap, roll out a new program, change up the way you’re doing things, yet again, to get closer and closer to your truth, but still feel like you’re having a massive identity crisis.
(Here's a snapshot from yesterday's "naptime" while I was about to hop on 2 hours of client calls...non-sleeping child + shoveling in reheated soup ala my mom = making it work).

(Here's a snapshot from yesterday's "naptime" while I was about to hop on 2 hours of client calls...non-sleeping child + shoveling in reheated soup ala my mom = making it work).

The one common theme between all of us is that we feel like we’re never doing it “right.”

This entrepreneur thing.

This parenting thing.

This healthy-living-conscious-being-constantly-trying-to-make-a-world-a-better-place THING.

Things seem to be going along swimmingly and then you mistakenly delete the sales page you just spent 3 days on OR the cat spills your entire water bottle on your new MacBook OR your kid decides she’s not napping during the only window of the week you have available for your client who’s 3 days from launching her new website.

And suddenly, you’re back in it...feeling like a grade-A-loser convincing yourself that you’re never actually going to do this thing “right.”

And you know what?

That’s absolutely amazing news...

Because there’s no such thing as doing it “right.”


The constant questioning and living your life like you’re trying to pass some ridiculous standardized test is what’s making the process so freakin’ hard for you.

Here’s what happened when I asked the Brand Love Bestie Tribe the question, “What would it look like if you removed the strings around what doing it "right" actually looked like in your life + biz?”

And here’s what they said:

  • I could lessen the guilt and fear and have the mental bandwidth to accomplish more.
  • I could stop getting stuck in the spin of my head instead of just doing.
  • I could be more present.
  • I could choose versus chase.
  • It could feel like perfect timing.

And there you have it, folks.

You’re already doing it right, you’re just not giving yourself any credit for it.

It’s as simple as making one tiny decision...to choose versus chase, to choose presence over guilt...

Your intuition is stronger than any program, coach, book, intensive or retreat you’re ever going to experience.

My intuition knew that getting on the plane was not what I needed to be doing right now, in my business, but most importantly in my LIFE.

So let’s stop measuring ourselves up to an impossible sliding scale of “right.”

Let’s give a nod to our trusty guts and honor the hell yeses (and hell no’s) as they arrive.

Cheers to your way, always being the “right” way.



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