The game-changing magic of asking for help & 4 tips to start today


Last week was a biggie...comfort zones were smashed, limits were pushed and it left me feeling simultaneously exhilarated and mentally exhausted. 

I put myself out there and stretched in to brand new realms for an exciting project I'm working on and all of this was on the heels of my new website launch. 

In the midst of this moving and shaking, I had to ask for help in a big way from my friends and colleagues. Tackling projects that require new skill development makes it impossible to go it alone and so I allowed myself to lean in and let go so I could maximize my results and also allow others to support my vision.

But don't get it twisted, asking for help in this way has never been easy for me...I suspect you can relate.

I hang out with a lot of solopreneurs. 

I coach them on a daily basis and I am one myself and while we pride ourselves on being able to get so much done all by our onesie, sometimes this can be more damaging than we think.

So, I want to challenge you DITCH the "solo" from your entrepreneurial status. 

And here's why...

When I got honest with myself about WHY I believed I had to control all of the outcomes in my life and why I felt like I had to go it alone, I came to the realization that it was because I was petrified that someone was going to see the chinks in my armor.

I was so worried about not being enough or being seen as a downright fraud.

I was so afraid that I would be seen as someone who didn't have all the answers, and so I forced myself in to the fold of every angle of my business...even when I had PAID HELP supporting me.

I didn't believe in myself enough to think that anything could happen without my intense management and overly controlling approach to achieving the results I desired. 

My energy was rigid and so particular that it kept me from honoring the true vision I had for my life and business.

And the truth is, I absolutely, positively do NOT have all of the answers.

I don't have them as a coach, as a friend or as a mama. 

And I never will.

But what I do have is all of the years of my life that have brought me here. 

I have well over a decade of professional experience in helping people and brands grow and thrive and an endless passion for serving in the biggest way possible.

My magic lives in fully being who I am right here, right now and sharing those gifts with the world. 

And yours does too.

It was with these revelations that I finally recognized that going it alone is the worst possible thing I could do in my life and business. 

And so I woke up and started leaning on others for support. I started leaving my comfort zone and saying, "I don't know how to do this, can you help me?" or "I think you're really amazing at this, do you think you could help me figure out how to make this happen?" 

And the results have been life-altering.

So I leave you with a few challenges to give a spin in this week's message:

  1. Ditch the "solopreneur" mindset all together. 
    Regardless of whether or not you have paid support, I'm willing to bet you DO have friends and family (even if it's just ONE person in your world) who would do anything to help you. Ask them to give you feedback on a blog post, ask your techie friend for an hour of her time to give you some help on your new website design or reach out to your mother-in-law for some extra childcare hours. You will never know how much it means to others to pitch in and support you on your journey unless you ask. 
  2. Be the real CEO of your business. You're not the "chief everything officer," so what can you delegate? What can you outsource? How can you use services like or to dish off the stuff you don't love to do? Where in your life and business can you better utilize your superpowers? 
  3. STOP...Collaborate and Listen! Who can you partner up with in your business to maximize productivity and revenue in order to deliver INCREDIBLE results for your clients? When I created Brand Love Studio, the mission was to empower my friends and support their businesses while also delivering amazing results for our clients. And in that process, our friendships have soared to even more beautiful levels than ever before. I can text one of my gal pals and hop on a quick Zoom brainstorm session with them at any moment...and that, in and of itself is pure MAGIC.
  4. Ask yourself WHY constantly. When I asked myself why I was trying to manage and control everything in my business, I dug in to some less than fun answers. But the hard reality was, I wasn't operating as the Soulpowered CEO of my business that I aspired to be...and that truth was one I was ready to hear. The "Why Test" is a powerful tool in helping you navigate through life while staying tethered to the deeper meaning behind your choices. Don't skip this step.

Give these 4 tips a try and share your results with us in the comments section below. 

"You want to go fast, go alone. You want to go far, go together." - African Proverb


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