How far are you willing to go to create your dream?


After a two-day funk, I sat down with the journal and things got serious. 

I've been pushing the upper limits, expanding in to new spaces and hitting my own brick walls in the process.

I scribbled the words, "How far are you willing to go to create your dream?" 

And after a few minutes of silent reflection, my pen started to do its holy work...

Here's what I've learned about fearless faith, skinned knees, trusting my intuition and putting my money where my dreams are...

1. You can't unknow your truth. 

The wrong relationships. The wrong career path. The wrong city. The wrong coach. The wrong definition of success...

Been there, done all of that, a few times over in some cases. 

And when my intuition kicked in to point me in the right direction and align me with the true pull of my soul, I found myself making plenty of pivots. 

And those pivots stung and they were costly, both financially and emotionally. 

But they were the guideposts I needed to recalibrate and turn this ship around when I started to get lost. 

Armed with my incredible internal positioning system, I learned that all I had to do was plug in the big vision and stay the course. 

No matter what.

Which leads to the next, increasingly uncomfortable step...

2. It's time to get face to face with your fear.

I promise you that whatever your favorite flavor of fear is...abandonment, scarcity, being seen, worthiness...will be the direct doorway through which you need to walk through to transcend and expand in to the spaces and places you want to go most of all. 

My greatest fear was people thinking I was full of myself and that has resulted in me creating a personal brand. 

A brand that is named after ME!

And my ENTIRE business strategy is founded around being myself, sharing my gifts and telling people about it. 

Can you even imagine how uncomfortable this has been?!

I had to literally become "full of myself" and fall completely head over heels in love with me to walk my talk.

I've had to spend ample awkward moments with me, having tough conversations about why I want to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's instead of sit down and do the work and I've had to force myself to feel my feelings.

Because when I woke up to the reality that I can't do this thing without me and I cannot become who I am destined to be without picking myself for my own team, was the moment I decided to start walking head first in the direction of my discomfort.

3. Put your money where your dreams are. 

You CANNOT skip this step.

Believe me, I've tried and I've ended up right where I started.

In the last year, I got on planes, paid to walk away, bought the dream house, hit send, put myself right smack dab in the room next to the giants and mentors I aspire to be like and are voracious to learn from, mostly without a security blanket or back-up plan; but with full faith and the momentum to KNOW I am on the right path (refer to #2). 

In 2015, I spent over $25,000 in personal development, coaching, training and education - YOWZAS! 

I made these expenditures to lay the groundwork for where I really want to go in my life and business. I put down this cash to say, "I'm ready to invest in my dream because there is endless value in my personal expansion and growth." 

I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch businesses, change their mindsets and get on course with the big vision for their lives. 

I helped many of those individuals walk away from unfulfilling careers so they could not only come home to themselves, but to their loved ones. 

Some of those folks are mamas out there raising babies and their businesses and in the process they are creating a ripple effect that can be felt for generations. 

And I was able to do all of this because I did it first.

4. It starts with the next right step.

What's your next right step? 

What's calling to you and asking you to respond? 

All you have to do is take the next right step. 

Send the email, pick up the phone, say no to make way for the electric yes. 

Invest in yourself.

You hold the keys to the future you desire. 

How far are you willing to go to create your dream? 

For me, launching my Soulpowered CEO podcast was the right next step to further my soul’s message of building and brand and a life you truly love.

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xo - Amber

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