How to ROCK your day in 5 steps

I spent most of New Year's Eve day cleaning, decluttering, scrubbing and making sure that everything was *perfect* for the dawn of 2016.

It felt a lot like the first few months of motherhood. 

I had this perfect, little human being to take care of and I was totally petrified I was going to somehow screw her up.

There are still days when I ask myself what damage I am doing to her by letting her watch TV while I get an email newsletter out or give in to her request for mac & cheese for the 10th night in a row. I ask myself what am I doing to her health and her future?

A little on the dramatic side, I know...

But what I've realized is that rather than digging into the nuts and bolts of these rhetorical questions, my energy is far better spent digging in to discover what it's actually tethered to at its core...

Which is this central feeling that somehow I'm not doing it right.

Motherhood. Entrepreneurship. My Marriage. Life.

Any and all of the above...

But when I dig even just a little bit deeper, I know that this isn't right. 

I know in my core what my truth is and my chief responsibility in this life is to honor that message, no matter what.

What 2015 taught me, above all else was that showing up and doing my very best, even when that means popping on Peppa Pig while my girl eats a frozen waffle so mama can get a few minutes of work done, is as ok as I allow it to be.

It taught me the value of developing #titaniumtrust and the value of progress over perfection.

And it also taught me the value of consistency.

Showing up every day.

Staying on the path to realize my big dreams and more importantly, to recognize that the path, itself, and its constant unfolding IS the dream in action.

It taught me about the gift of being "in it" with my people, discovering the best ways to share my work and my heart with the world and actually find the courage to DO IT in a way that feels most authentic to me.

And so, here I am...ready to embark on a new and reimagined project and I would love to for you to check it out!

Love Your Life. Rock Your Brand. Live Your Freedom

Each week, I will take you behind the scenes in my business to share with you the adventures in the life of one mamapreneur, wife and soul sister while also delivering tips, inspiration and info I've learned along my journey.

Our first episode of 2016 is called How to ROCK Your Day in 5 Steps and I’m showing you how to be “in it” and focused each and every morning.

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In this episode I share how starting my day with intention - with 5 simple yet powerful steps - is such a powerful tool to create the business and life of my dreams.

I also share how my Brand Love Bestie Tribe gets not only brand and business coaching, but life and mindset coaching like this on a deeper level every single day. It’s part of the magic that is the Tribe.

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Cheers to taking BIG LEAPS in 2016, smashing through the walls of self-limitation and rocking out Brand YOU!


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