How to Weave More of Brand You into Your Life + Biz

I spent last weekend at a cat show. heard right...a cat show.

That's our little champ Ozzy right there.

He's our new-to-us (Himalayan superstar) cat.

Growing up, my mom and I showed pedigreed Himalayan + Persian cats and traveled all over the east coast with our fluffy friends in between weekends when I was away at soccer tournaments.

It was an incredible way to spend bonding time with my sweet mama and, little did I realize, it was also my foray in to entrepreneurship.

I designed our business cards on the back of a placemat when I was 10 and learned how to write client contracts.

I taught myself how to design a website, negotiate sales with customers and stand up in front of crowds to do lots of public speaking.

I loved every single bit of it, yet, I hid it from my friends. 

I never told my teammates. 

I didn't feel like I could talk about this thing I loved so much for fear of being made fun of. 

And after going to the show this weekend for the first time in a very long while, I found myself doing the same thing all over again and it got me thinking. 

So many of us have something sacred to us that we feel like we have to hide from the world in order to be accepted.

We hide our greatest joy and biggest dreams from our family and our friends. 

We're afraid to tell our partner that we want to quit our job to launch our own business.

And when we finally do, we still find ways to hide the most important parts of ourselves from our brand fans.

But what if I told you that the thing you deem as "weird" or not applicable (your chronic health challenge, your Irish Dancing background, your ability to bake a prize winning apple pie or your obsession with makeup)...

...was actually the portal through which you could connect even more deeply with your audience?

What if sharing all of your self-proclaimed "idiosyncrasies" was the key that unlocked the hearts of those who need you most of all?

I want you to come out of the closet, Friend.

Here are a few questions to help you explore how to share more of Brand YOU with the world:

  • What have you been hiding from the world that is actually one of your greatest super powers?
  • What stories have you been keeping boxed in that are holding you back from being who you really are?
  • What will make you feel more free than EVER when you shout it from the rooftops or share it on your Instagram feed?

I'm dying to know. 

Head on over here and post it in our group thread.

Let's all fly our "weird" flags together. 

PS - I've also got a free gift that will help you get those wheels moving. 

I am dusting off my beloved FREE 5-Day Brand You Challenge series to help you tap in to more of your magic to help you release what's been holding you back.


You can do it by your onesie OR dig in to the content together on Monday, 2/27 over in my Free Facebook Group

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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