I gave my kid dog treats


Last night, I had a call with my coach that was nestled right up against our bedtime window. 

My coach lives in the future (aka Australia), so finding times that work for both of us with my unique mamapreneur schedule can be a little challenging.

But, the good news is that we've got less than 3 weeks left of Ben's current night shift schedule to go (huzzah!) and I've gotten really good at winging it over here when bedtime goes awry.

We were about 5 minutes out from call time and it was getting increasingly clear that a peaceful slumber was still at least 30-40 minutes away, so I made a game time decision and called in the furry reserves. 

Anni (pronounced Ahh-knee for those of you who are wondering) is obsessed with our dogs.  

She wants them to be her best friends like nobody's business.

And while they've learned how to keep her safely at arm's length, they know she's usually really good for one thing...


The light bulb dinged in my brain and I dashed in to the kitchen to grab Anni's no-spill snack cup and loaded it with, you guessed it, dog treats.

I left the room and sprinted to my office leaving behind giggles and one very obedient dog sitting at full attention.

I switched on the baby monitor and readied myself at my desk as I watched Nika doing tricks on our daughter's bed and Anni happily clapping and tossing them in the air to her. 

Needless to say, I felt pretty proud of myself and also semi-cried laughing with my coach as I explained my newest "Mom-of-the-Year" parenting tactic. 

Desperate times, right?

Because this parenting thing is no joke.

And adding in "business owner" to that title ups the ante to a whole.new.level. 

I share this story with you as a fist bump of solidarity to my fellow parentpreneurs and as a full-on illustration of how waiting for perfect conditions is the illusion that keeps us frozen in place.

I share it as an opportunity to remind us that...

The more space and grace I give myself in this business building process, the more space and grace I give to myself as a mother.

The more I invest in my own personal growth and development, the more present, grateful and loving I am for the people that matter most to me. 

When we make ourselves a priority, our babies and our businesses expand, too.

Last night, I made a game time decision that a former version of myself would have totally judged me for.

But today, I woke up feeling on fire after an amazing coaching session.

My daughter and our sweet pup got to have a picnic and some treats (the dog, not the babe) while I filled my own cup.

And instead of panicking and blaming myself in the moment, I chose to trust myself.

Now it's your turn...

Where in your life and business are you making it exponentially more difficult for yourself?

What impossible standards are you trying to live up to that are not only hurting your bottom line, but more importantly, are sucking your soul out?

What could one tiny shift (or choosing what feels like swimming downstream) do to the experience of your life, starting now?

In other words, how could you choose ease today?

Sending you infinite space and grace.


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