How to use Lead Generation Quizzes to Expand your Impact


When it comes to expanding your tribe, generating new leads and converting likes and follows into paying clients, there are two things that make all of the difference in the world:

Adding value and creating opportunities for engagement.

When you allow people to interact with you in a way that simultaneously reveals to them exactly why they need someone like YOU to guide them, not only do you gain a new follower/subscriber- but most importantly, you make a connection.

Creating a quiz that helped me broaden my reach, connect with my tribe, grow my mailing list and up my conversion rate seemed like a natural next step; and an absolutely stress-free, enjoyable and potentially profitable endeavor.

And to be honest- it was so much fun to get into the hearts and minds of the people taking the quiz and offer them resources, insight and a game plan!

What about you? Are you missing out on generating new leads and connecting with your ideal clients because you haven’t tapped into this massively impactful and underused strategy?

Wanna learn how I did it?

It was easy. Here’s how:

I opted to use the Interact quiz building platform for this quiz because I loved the product they were offering and knew they could deliver tremendous value.

Once I set-up my account, I began the process:

Step 1 - Create Questions/Results

This is where you get to step in to your ideal client’s shoes and help them answer a question they’ve been dying to know about themselves. As a transformational branding strategist and business coach who loves to dig in deep with the souls I work with, understanding each person’s core purpose is pivotal in helping them create a massive shift in their lives and businesses.

By showing them something about themselves, you also teach them something incredibly important about you in the process: namely, why you’re the person who can help them.

Step 2 - Select Your Brand Style

Pick the colors, themes and fonts that align with your brand and your website to make a seamless transition between your own site and where the quiz is hosted.



  • Background Color

  • Font Color

  • Button Color

  • Option Color

  • Option Font Color

  • Font Type (Google Fonts, TypeKit, and Classic Fonts available)

  • Logo

Step 3 - Create the cover


Select an image + name the Quiz. I decided to forego the description option because I wanted to  place the text directly on the graphic.

Step 4 - Input Result Types

Redirect Results.png

(Our result details are hosted on Squarespace, my website host, but they can also be input directly through Interact)

Interact Results.png

Step 5 - Input Questions + Answers:

Questions and Answers.png

Step 6 - Map Answers to Results

Click the blue EDIT RESULTS CORRELATION for each Question

Results 1.png

Click the circle next to each corresponding Q+A to map

Results 2.png

Step 7 - Publish! Choose how you will display your quiz:


Popup, announcement bar, FB ads, embed, + direct link are all options for you to choose from.

I chose to embed my quiz on my website, so that was Step 8 for me!

embed 1.png
Embed 2.png

Step 9 - Integrate with Newsletter Provider or Zapier

Interact integrates with most Newsletter services, but not Simplero (which is what I use). We used Zapier to bring it all together.

Zapier 1.png

We collect the quiz taker’s first name + email address to bring over to Simplero. Simplero also tags them with their Quiz result.

Zapier 2.png

We have automations in Simplero based off of their tagged quiz result:

Simplero 1.png

and “triggers” setup to make those automations fire:

Simplero 2.png

There you have it!

The step by step process of how simple and easy it is to create your own quiz, segment your list and generate new leads in the process.

By investing your time and energy in a project like this, you have the opportunity to create a new, timeless to connect with + reach your tribe.

Since building relationships are key in growing that tribe, you can create an email automation series that serves as a nurture sequence in touching on what they need most. This is the process of bringing them from subscriber to paying client and soul that you are able to touch and serve.AND- if you’re like me, you want each and every one of your tribe members to feel SEEN...the quiz creates an opportunity for you to reach each person based on their personal results; creating a high-touch/high-impact experience.

If you’re wondering if this might be the right next-step for you in your own business, I encourage you to explore Interact. After reviewing multiple quiz platforms, this tool was the easiest to use and accomplish all of our objectives on the backend.