what I learned from my biggest event ever...

One week ago, I was waking up to Day 2 of the Ignite Your Soul Summit. 

I was deeply immersed in the fullest expression of my work. 

It was show time and I was ready and rising to the occasion. 

And naturally, I learned so many things about myself, about love, about business and beyond and I’m so happy to share these reflections with you this morning.

2019 IYS Summit Stage.JPEG

Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography

My Top 10 Lessons Received from the 2019 Ignite Your Soul Summit

  1. I learned that trusting myself, my heart and my 37 years on this planet directly correlates to how much fun I have in the experiences of my life. 

  2. I learned that creating in accordance to your biggest vision requires blinders and ear muffs...other people's opinions when in the depths of creation will only make your process more confusing and less inspired. 

  3. I learned that building something great requires a solid foundation and clear structure - as a dancer requires a well-built stage to leap to her highest heights. 

  4. I learned how to embrace my own weird more fully than ever. No one is served by our hesitation when it comes to being who we really are. If you’re going to dance, dance all out. If you’re going to sing, sing with your head back - fully inspired. If you’re going to go for it, go all out.

  5. I learned that live events of this scale require an enormous financial commitment…sponsorships are the greatest gift we could have asked for. Thank you to ALL of our incredible sponsors! Click here to see and celebrate them all

  6. I learned that we are not meant to do this alone…my friends came from far and wide to make this event happen. From our speakers to our helpers to our volunteers and audience members, when you have the courage to share your big vision - the people that love you will rise up to celebrate with you.

  7. I learned that great music matters. Music is the bedrock of my life existence. I have playlists for every emotion and the IYS Summit playlist is a work of art that I was tending to for the entire year leading up to the event. I am already working on our 2020 playlist!

  8. As my friend Allyson Byrd says, “Sales is a language of clarity.” I learned that translating what’s in my brain in to words for my audience is something I can get even better at. Clarity on next steps. Clarity on where to go in the venue, specifically what to do next when they are considering joining your programs, attending the VIP reception or just coming back from lunch matters. We welcomed 32 new students in to our programs over the weekend!! I am so thrilled to walk with these sacred sisters on the next leg of the journey.

  9. I learned that creating something no one has ever experienced before can be scary…but to remember that once they get in the room…they will never forget it and they will tell all of their friends. We sold 100 tickets in 2017. We sold 200 tickets in 2018. We sold 400 tickets in 2019. Our audience has doubled every year since we launched this event. The transformation is what keeps them coming back. Make your events transformative and you will sell out every year.

  10. I learned that wearing the outfit(s) that make me feel most supported, most free, most ME is like wearing a super hero cape when you’re up on stage being stared at by hundreds of people. Don’t second-guess this. Try your outfits on a few times, make sure you’re comfortable and confident to move in all of the ways. Wear Spanx if you want to…do whatever you need to do to SUPPORT yourself. For the last segment of the day, I knew I needed to be super grounded, so I took my shoes off. I was barefoot for the last 2 hours of the weekend and never put them back on again until we left.

Biggest lesson from the weekend: Trust Yourself, sweet sister.

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