The magic of the messy middle in life + business


We're counting down to my brother's wedding in 2 weeks.

We are hosting this amazing day (!!) at our home on the pond and just the typing of those words makes my heart feel so full and fluttery.

The dresses have been ordered, the tents (and porta-johns) are set to arrive and we're hammering out the day of timeline.

One of the things my sister-in-law-to-be wanted most of all was the backdrop of fall foliage for their ceremony and photos. 

As we walked the property and dreamed up the day together, I toggled back through my iPhone to photos from the exact same time frame last year (technology ftw). We were able to devise a plan based upon the sunset and snaps of foliage of the trees at different dates in the month of October.

We have been working hard over here to get things tidied and perfected for this magical day.

The gorgeous maple tree that will be the dramatic backdrop during their ceremony is just starting to take her cues from mother nature.

Autumn is starting to roll in and the green is softly fading away.

We're nestled smack dab in the in-between, and the truth is, it's not especially beautiful.

The tree is in the "messy middle," no longer summer, not quite fall.

And what will never cease to astound me is that in 2 weeks, in all its autumn splendor, the tree will morph in to a flaming red backdrop for my brother's wedding ceremony: a day that will go down in history and that tree in its big moment will be burned in to those images and our memories for all time.

The messy middle is what gets us to the moments.

The in-between is where the real magic happens.

Keep going. ✨

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