New Year, New Website + New Gift for You (Instant Access for my Tribe)

Ben and I spent our NYE nestled on the couch wrapping our year-end review and letters to our future selves. If you missed the podcast with the full rundown on our year-end rituals, check it out here.

We opened our 2015 letters and were amazed, yet again, with the precision of our words and visions. 

Though, I must share that there was a moment when I felt a tinge of disappointment as I scanned the page and realized that a handful of my premonitions and hopes for my 2016 self had not yet come to fruition.

I had to check-in and recognize that while the physical manifestations had not yet come to be, the powerful groundwork that will lead us in a straight line to those dreams were full. steam. ahead. 

In 2016, I experienced a major upgrade in my health from starting care with a naturopath to weaning off a prescription drug I had been on for years for what was once deemed a "life-long" condition.

I lost 10 pounds by changing my diet to a more plant-based approach and feel more present in my body than ever.

We met with builders to start planning our home expansion project.

We dreamt in to what it will feel like to grow our family and started to make some plans. 

We got more streamlined inside my business so I can spend more time focused on what I'm the very best at, so I can spend more time on serving the women I am ready to help realize their big visions.

I also became more clear than ever on the value and impact of the sacred work I am doing in the world so I can continue to take the bold, brave steps necessary to expand in to the fullness of who I am. 

On paper there was significant revenue growth, many more individuals served, a podcast launch, new speaking events and mega-expansion on a soul and physical level. 

And all of this made me realize, now more than ever, that the gorgeous gestation period of my dreams can be as thrilling as the birth when it's operating from an aligned energy.

Which leads me to sharing some exciting news....

I've had a digi-makeover! 



Head on over to
to check it out

There's something so powerful about aligning every angle of your brand with the message of your soul. 

This new look, these new words on the page, the epic photos (thank you Lauren + Carrie!) and the exciting new additions (see events page) feel like the beat of my heart and I could not be more thrilled to share it with you. 

The big vision for the story I wanted to tell through my new site is right here and it feels amaaaaaazing!  

(Take a peek, I'd love to hear what you think!)

I've also put together a brand new FREE download [My Top5 Branding Secrets REVEALED] and I wanted YOU to be the first one to get your paws on it.

>>>Turn Your Brand in to a Dream Client Magnet:
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And I'll leave you with these final words as we welcome in this new year, brimming with bright possibility:


may 2017 feel like freshly fallen snow. 
no pathways to follow or grooves to be hindered by. 
may each step feel like it belongs to the deepest parts of the best of your heart. 
this new year is your sacred opportunity to bravely be who you really are...who you've always been...who you're ready to become. ❤

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happy new year, sweet Friend.

PS - If you're ready for your own brand makeover, head on over here and fill out the questionnaire to schedule a strategy call. 



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