An ode to rule breakers + pink ghosts


Our daughter asked to be a pink ghost for Halloween.

She was convicted and committed to seeing the vision through and no matter how many princess dresses my mom and I tried to persuade her with, she was steadfast in her desire to go all out on the hot pink ghost train for her 3-year-old trick-or-treating extravaganza.

Her fire-y little spirit inspired me to write to you today on rule breaking and cracking the shell on the conventional inside your brand + biz.

So, it's no secret that I am smack dab in the middle of launch week over here.

I have a program that I've crafted with my whole heart that I am down on one knee sharing with you. 

I'm hopeful that the right ones will say yes with a twinkle in her eye and together, we will build a beautiful future together.

Sounds corny right?

But, the truth is, it's exactly what building a business is all about. 

And we have to kiss A LOT of frogs along the way to find the right method and path to grow our fledgling vision in to the happily ever after we've been dreaming about.

To date, I have spent thousands of dollars on programs, trainings and coaches to help me take my business and mindset to the next level.

I've learned SO much about myself and about what's possible by fanatically studying the way others are doing their work in the world and by peeling back the layers on what works for me and what doesn't.

I've read sales page after sales page, watched training after training, drank the Kool-Aid and ran in the other direction more times than I can count.

I've paid for the ads, had mega-successful launches and an equal number of had total disaster launches...

And what I know to be true on the other side of it all is...

The rule breakers, the innovators, the instigators and the ones who are willing to forge their own path (and look silly while doing it) are the ones who end up achieving the most monumental levels of success, over and over again.

The brands who are interested in weaving their mission in to every aspect of what they do are the ones who ALWAYS go the distance. 

And that's what I want to help you do too, dear one.

But we can't start that process until we identify what success really means to you, what works and what doesn't work for you and your one precious life and how designing a brand that ignites your movement is going to be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

I am hosting a FREE masterclass tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT. 

Together, we will discover: 

  • What your definition of success has to do with what's going on in your business and how to improve it starting now.
  • The powerful difference between clarity and confusion and how to get more of the good stuff flowing.
  • How to design a "straight line strategy" in your brand to achieve your goals in record time.
  • Why the art of branding is the sacred opportunity you have been waiting for (and all you'll ever need to create your movement). 
  • Why soul fueled brands + businesses with socially conscious leaders + missions is the way of the future and how to hop on the train.

This training is about helping you grow your brand and your bottom line. 

It's about stepping in to the role of Soul Fueled CEO™ of your life and business. 

I hope you'll join me. 

Click here to save your seat for tomorrow at 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT).

(There WILL be a recording if you cannot join us live).

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