Remember when...

You would open your calendar on Sunday night to preview the week ahead and feel a sinking feeling in your chest?

You put the car in park and armored up to walk in to a day full of meetings, tasks and appointments that didn't belong to you?

You couldn't shake that constant feeling of worry and anxiety about the things that were beyond your your salary, your job title, your team, your boss, fill in the blank?

We received the paycheck, but we were missing the fulfillment.

So we hit the EJECT button and became entrepreneurs to break free from what left us drained, exhausted and wanting more.

And BREAK FREE we did!

But only to an extent…

Instead of bad bosses abusing their power or the endless cycle of pointless meetings we traded those things in for feeling like our self-worth was predicated on how many unsubscribes our latest email newsletter received.

We began to spend every waking moment in front of the computer turning zombie-eyed and frazzled rather than free to honor the very reason we left that world behind in the first place.

We suddenly realize that we’ve created that same exact scenario in our businesses.

Just last week, an entrepreneurial gal pal of mine was having a borderline panic attack about her business.

Her clients were booking in at all hours of the day. She didn’t have time to be with her kids, to workout or to make dinner because she had such a haphazard schedule.

She thought that’s what her clients wanted.

But she was feeling totally out of control and like her clients were morphing into that very same boss she had wanted to escape so badly.

She came to me in tears, not realizing that she had just re-created her former corporate life all over again.

And had no idea how to fix it.

We talked about what it would feel like to OWN her day instead of feeling owned by it!

I showed her a few simple tweaks inside her business and in the way she treated her time so she could start showing up for herself, her clients, her family and more.

And I want to share these tips with you too!

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How to Become a Productivity Powerhouse
Sunday, May 8 at 8 pm ET
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Give yourself this powerful hour on Sunday, May 8th (a special Mother’s Day gift to you!)  and take your time back as you learn:

  • How your relationship with time plays a huge role in determining your level of happiness and feeling of relative control in your life.
  • Why you need to ditch the victim status and step into your truth as you block out your precious time.
  • Most importantly: How to make tweaks, ask for more help and truly create a more spacious and abundant life.

It's time to stop allowing this overwhelm eat you alive. Let’s get together to figure out some steps you can implement right now to make next week the MOST productive and empowered week of your life!

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