Your permission slip to declare your truth (plus a big announcement!)

Holy wow! We had an incredible Brand You Breakthough Q&A Call yesterday!

This girl was on FIREEEEE!  (cue Alicia Keys) 

These calls are my favorite thing in the world, because I’m so freakin’ passionate about helping you to breakthrough to your soul’s calling!

On the call I coached real women entrepreneurs (passionate souls on a mission) and helped them work through their questions and challenges. 

A few of those questions were:

  • Why are the formulas for success not working for me they way they should?
  • I have an inspired idea, but I just don’t feel like my brand truly reflects that. How can I add the pieces to make it feel more aligned?
  • I don’t really love my biz anymore - how can I get tweak things to make my heart sing?
  • And a whole lot more

As a gift to you, my tribe, you are welcome to watch the replay HERE.

On the call I was so giddy I forgot to hit record until we were a few minutes in because I was so excited to reveal my newest “baby” - the one that I’ve been bursting at the seams to create and share with you for the last 6 months.


Brand You Breakthrough

Brand You Breakthrough was specifically designed to bring my BEST soul-based branding work to you, in a work-from-anywhere, do-on-your-own-schedule, affordable way.

This program is about going within so you don't have to keep starting over and trying every new "fad" that comes across your newsfeed.

I needed to create this program because I had to come up with a solution to support and serve more people at once and this process has already helped so many clients have massive breakthroughs. 

It’s a permission slip to DECLARE your undeniable, powerful message with the world…the one the leaves you bursting at the seams so clients CLAMOR and your biz BOOMS.

It’s about honoring your deeper knowing and using it as your number one business strategy.

And it starts at the very beginning, before the business plan, before the email list creation process, before the monetization plan or before you make any major revisions to get your current brand and biz in alignment.

The price point is just $97 through December 31, so it’s really a no brainer! 

I wanted to make this totally accessible so you could give yourself the gift of your very own breakthrough as we move in to the new year.

You are the one who holds the power to unleash your truth - your true brand and powerful essence.

Your future clients are just waiting to hear it!

Join Brand You Breakthrough today and receive this $700 value for just $97. 

It’s time for your Breakthrough!


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