Show up & Shine: Crowns, Clarity & Choosing Me

The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind over here: life happenings, painful and magical; new adventures, pivots and openings galore.

If you follow me over on social media, you undoubtedly saw that I've got a new accessory to add to my wardrobe...

The Mrs. New Hampshire America 2016 Crown (!!!)

Shut the front door!

That's kind of how it felt on Sunday when the emcee said my name.

I was one part stunned and one part physically experiencing the manifestation of my desire.

It felt just like I imagined it would, the weight of the crown on my head (and how hard they actually are to put on in the moment!), the standing on stage with my family, the receiving-ness of it all...and yet, there was still a big part of me that couldn't believe it was actually happening.

But my biggest takeaway from this happy little adventure is what I want to share most of all with you because THIS is the most important part of all (and I think you're really going to love this...).

When I made the decision to do this just 5 or so weeks ago, I made an unbreakable vow that I would NOT, under any circumstances, abandon myself in this process. 

I promised myself that I was enough, rightthisminute, and that no amount of weight lost or perfectly perfect words spoken were going to make a difference in the outcome.

Obsessing about perfection, was absolutely not going to be a part of this plan.

And guess what?

It turns out, that the imperfections, in all their glory,...the laughing at myself, the missing my stage marks, the going with the flow, the loosening up and letting what not only made the experience so joyful, but the outcome feel so magical.

I showed up. I shined. I let myself BE myself and I was unwilling to waver from that.

What a revelation, ehh?

Now let's be clear...this wasn't as easy peasy lemon squeezy as I am making it sound.

There were moments of internal panic, worry and comparisonitis, but each time that little wave of fear started to rise up in my belly, I kept myself close and remembered that the path of least resistance, was, is and will always be....sticking with me, trusting my feelings and honoring them, no matter what.

The energy I brought to the day not only fueled me in the present moment of my experience, but it radiated outward.

So here I am today, with this gorgeous crown sitting on the shelf behind me, this incredible honor to get to represent the amazing state I get to call home, a year ahead of new adventures and opportunities...and a list 5 pages long of things I need to make happen in order to get myself to Las Vegas for Mrs. America 2016 in just 8 weeks.

And instead of letting myself go down the tubes with the weight of it all...I am armed with the deep knowing that no matter what I'm doing, where I'm going or who I'm doing it with...

The ONLY path to get there is to fully embody what it means to be me every step of the way. 

So here's to being who we are in all facets and realms of our life experience.

In our relationships, our businesses, our dreams and our's to being, honoring and celebrating BRAND YOU. 

And as we say here in New Hampshire, #LiveFreeorDie

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